“It is not for a soul to believe unless the unique composition of Allah’s Names comprising his essence permits.” (Quran 10:99-100)

This is why:

Maala arrasooli illa albalaghu

“No more is the Rasul bound to do except to provide the knowledge (of the reality and its requisites)...” (Quran 5:99)


La ikhraha fidDeen…”

“There is no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion (the system and order of Allah; sunnatullah)...” (Quran 2: 256)

This is why intercession, or help, can only be valid if the person’s natural disposition suits that particular situation!

The quality of the name al-Fatir, which is the former of natural dispositions, takes place within the person’s own dimension of Names that comprise the person’s Rabb (dimension of Rububiyyah).

Faaqim wajhaka lilddeeni haneefan fitrata Allahi alladhee fatara ainnasa Aalayha la tabdeela likhalqi Allahi dhalika aiddeenu alqayyimu walakinna akthara ainnasi la yalamoona.”

“Set your face (consciousness) as a Hanif  (without the concept of a deity-god, without making shirq to Allah, i.e. with the consciousness of non-duality) towards the One Religion (the only system and order), the natural disposition (fitrah) of Allah (i.e. the primary system and mechanism of the brain) upon which Allah has created man. There is no change in the creation of Allah. This is the infinitely valid System (deen al-qayyim) but most people do not know.” (Quran 30:30)

Here, the holographic reality of today overlaps with what is signified through the phrase ‘the part mirrors the whole’.

The manifestation of the attribute of the quantum potential (Rahmaniyyah) within the angle projecting from the POINT… Rahim, formed by the productivity of this projection, brings about all the various meanings derived from the dimension of Names. This is referred to as the ‘Arsh,’ which denotes universal prolificacy – though not in terms of the perceived material world – and ‘Qursi’, the actualization and dominance of the reality of the names (Rububiyyah)!

Since the part reflects the whole, every individual unit of existence contains the Rabb, i.e. the compositions of Names, which express themselves in degrees from the individual’s heaven (brain) to their body!

This applies to all units, and hence the holographic reality denotes this system.

My understanding of the Rasul’s (saw) words “The part mirrors the whole” is this truth.

Though we say the part and the whole, all of it is One reality in the sight of the knowledge of the Divine.

This is revealed by the verses:

“HU created you from ONE single soul – ‘I’ness (in the macro plan this is known as the Reality of Muhammad and The First Intellect, in the micro plan it is known as the human consciousness and The Grand Intellect).” (Quran 7:189)

“In the afterlife, all of them will come to Him as ONE.” (Quran 19:95)

That is, in divine knowledge, there are no parts or division; there is only a SINGLE field. Most people may not find this easy to comprehend.

The whole universe is like a single existence, with all its inner and inter dimensions, or with all its universes within its universes. This has also been referred to as the Grand Spirit (Ruhul Azam).

But will we ever comprehend the qualities and functions of man and his creation?

This is what we will look at next…


15 July 2005

Raleigh – NC, US

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