I felt the need to record the discussions that we held throughout this Ramadan, broadcasted on Expo Channel, as a book, in the hope of reaching those who may not have had the chance to view the programs.

Hence, we compiled this book, comprising of not only of these discussions but also writings that I have not previously shared elsewhere.

The main theme of my most recent writings entails the construal of the Quran in light of the hidden meaning of the letter ‘B’…

Hadhrat Ali, the pinnacle of wilayah (sainthood) says “I am the walking Quran”… in light of the hadith “Man is the twin brother of the Quran”… He also says, “The secret of the Quran is hidden in al-Fatiha, the secret of al-Fatiha is hidden in the Basmalah, and the secret of the Basmalah is hidden in the letter B! I am the point beneath that B!”

Leaving aside the last sentence to the judgment of those who experience this reality, since the secret of the Quran is in the letter B, let us reevaluate the Quran from this perspective.

I want to attenuate the following truth:

There are two ways to approach the Quran.

The first pertains to those who are not aware of the secret denoted by the letter B, or who have heard of it but have not discerned its importance.

The second entails the evaluation of those who read the Quran in light of the meaning referenced by the letter B!

Any person who has embraced the religion of Islam inescapably approaches the Quran in either one of these ways!

Those of the former approach have a completely literal and materialistic understanding of religion, and despite their claim “Allah is omnipresent” they think of Allah as a god in the heavens!

When they pray, they stand before that god! They worship Him to attain His pleasure! They take everything in the Quran literally and apply it in form, based on their 5-sense perception. For, this is the function they are created to fulfill!

As for the latter, even though they may not advocate any labels, they accept and believe in the Rasul of Allah (saw) based on the secret of the letter B; and embrace the reality that all things, perceivable and unperceivable, exist and subsist with the Names of Allah. They are the ones who have attained certainty of the meanings denoted by the Names.

This is the common understanding of all saints and friends of Allah. This is the teaching Sufism aims to give, slowly but surely, to its followers…

While those of the former approach ‘forcefully impose’ their values upon others and claim the right to talk and judge on behalf of their imaginary heavenly god (whom they have named Allah) and announce as ‘unbelievers’ anyone who does not look or dress like themselves…

Those of the latter understanding approach everyone with love and tolerance and refrain from judging and criticizing others, condemning only the wrongful acts, not their doers. They advise the truth and show patience in times of trouble. As a result, they attain the level of certainty to Allah from a path within their own depths, and because they are able to observe the same reality on every person, they show respect to everyone.

Read the innumerous volumes written by those of the former and latter views. The only difference you will see among them will be those elucidated by the secret of the letter B as opposed to those that haven’t.

Everyone will eternally be together with the understanding they identify with today!

Blessed be our understanding!

He who creates everyone upon a specific task and function, so beautifully approbates and facilitates!

Hopefully, we will be of those who reach the secret of the letter B and evaluate the Quran in this light.



29 October 2005

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