1. When a sperm cell makes a leap into a new dimension, nobody feels sorry for the millions of other sperm cells that never make it to the egg and who have to live the consequences of this loss!

Some people think sunnatullah is different to thesunnah of the Rasul of Allah’… But then again, some people think of the Rasul of Allah as a paternal figure! Alas, they have not understood a thing!

The Rasuls are not our fathers or uncles; they are the Rasuls of Allah. Sadly, this ‘neighbourhood’ mentality is still widely in use…

Here is the verse:

“Muhammad is not the father of one of your men! But he is the Rasul of Allah, the final of Nabis (the summit of perfection).” (Quran 33:40)

Hopefully we can quit thinking of him as a father and deservedly evaluate his true essence!

Of course, for someone who labels their imaginary god as ‘Allah’ and places Him in the sky and His prophets on earth, sunnatullah and the sunnah of the Rasul are different things! Even those who read and talk about ‘unity’ make this fragmentation… Leave those who only see with their external eyes to their own accord…

“Nor does he speak from his own inclinations (imagination).” (Quran 53:3)

This verse alone is sufficient for the thinking brains to discern that the sunnah of the Rasul and Nabi of Allah is based upon the sunnatullah. I do not feel the need to provide hadith as reference and expand on this topic. Those who wish to may go ahead and do their research.

Every unit of existence, whoever or whatever it may be, is a ‘part’ that mirrors the ‘whole’ and manifests His wish through His innate essential qualities (Names).

Those who have not been blessed with the authority to view multiplicity via the point of unity cannot acquire this secret, even if they imitatively accept it…

The one who says the Word of Testimony with full comprehension of its meaning is the one who will enter paradise!

One wonders how many ‘humans’ could there possibly be among the seven billion, who would actually bear witness to the reality that ‘Muhammad is not the prophet of God, but the servant and the Rasul of Allah’ with full awareness and discernment…!


24 June 2005

Raleigh – NC, USA

37 / 75

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