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When the learned in the past attempted to interpret the symbolic expression, “The Dajjal has a donkey with which he can travel the world in 40 days” they assumed it could be pointing to the “train” or to an “airplane” based on their time. Interestingly, this interpretation was never updated, because the followers of that noble scholar who said believed his interpretations were absolute. Whereas that noble being who made this interpretation, did so according to his time, he updated and upgraded himself, but his followers are still stuck on outdated interpretations of the past! And then when it comes to me, they slander and claim “Ahmed Hulusi says Allah is energy” to keep the people away from this knowledge - unaware of the liability of causing such scandal.

Here is an excerpt from the Seventeenth Matter of The Rays:

It says in a narration: “The day the Dajjal appears all the world will hear. He will travel the world in forty days and have a wondrous donkey.”

Allah knows best, on condition such narrations are completely sound, they miraculously predict that in the time of the Dajjal, the means of communication and travel will have so advanced that an event will be heard by all the world in a day. It will be shouted out by the radio and will be heard in east and west, and will be read about in all the newspapers. One man will travel the whole world in forty days and see the seven continents and seventy countries. These narrations thus miraculously foretold the telegraph, telephone, radio, railway, and airplane ten centuries before they appeared.

Moreover, the Dajjal will be heard not in his capacity as the Dajjal, but as a despotic king. And his traveling everywhere will not be to occupy those places, but to create dissension and to seduce people away from the right path. His mount or donkey is either a railway train, one ear and head of which is an infernal firebox, and the other ear of which is a false paradise gorgeously adorned and furnished. He sends his enemies to its fiery head, and his friends to its feasting head. Or else his mount is an awesome motor car, or a plane, or... (silence!)[1]


Wake up and renew yourselves!

Today you can travel the entire world in a single day and appear in as many locations as you like and connect to all people from all around the world all at the same time! 

A respectful and honored man can be shown as a serial killer on the screen, and an ordinary man can suddenly become a superman.

Wake up and start thinking! Use your intellect and science to renew yourself.

If you keep incongruously mixing old data with new data the result will be a whole lot of incoherence. You have to evaluate everything from the roots, in a systematic, coherent, holistic way.

Shams had made Rumi abandon his books. Why do you think so?

By developing and updating your understanding of “god” and naming him Allah you will not be purifying yourself from the dualistic god concept in your head, you will not be understanding the ONE denoted by the name Allah.

If your thoughts and judgment is based on a concept of god, you can’t understand the teachings of the Rasulullah by simply “updating” your erroneous thought system.

The biggest catastrophe that can befall one in the area of religion is having their faith built on the concept of a ‘deity-god’, which inevitably leads to conceiving the Rasuls as ‘announcers of god on earth’!

It is this very perception that will push you to identify with your body and hence spawn the body-person (ego) understanding.

[1]The Risale-i Nur Collection, The Rays: The 5th ray, 17th Matter

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