Yet the Rasul claims, “I am merely a man like you”[1]

What do you think this verse means?

Do you think his referring to your bodily state of existence? Or… Is he saying, “You are also like me, therefore the reality within my essence is the same as the reality in your essence, why don’t you also discover and experience this reality, why not give it a shot…”?

The end of times! The end of this generation is not that far looking at the signs…

The villainous broadcast of the Dajjal is trying to suffocate you in your body and with the idea of an external god, confusing you, lowering your level of consciousness and darkening your hearts! Those who serve him, whether consciously or unconsciously – are making you feel separate from Allah by promoting materialism and duality. Instead of your heart they are turning your attention to the heavens afar…

Whereas the only salvation is through re-evaluating and re-understanding the teachings of the most magnificent manifestation of individual consciousness on earth, Allah’s Rasul Muhammad Mustapha (saw), in light of modern science!

The only salvation is through re-interpreting and decoding the metaphors encoded within the universal source of knowledge, the Quran, rather than taking it as a hard cover book that descended from the heavens!

Know that you are on your own!

When you taste death and make your transition to the next realm of existence and find yourself being called to account about who your Rabb is, who the Nabi is, which universal teachings were pointing to this realm of existence, it may be quite devastating not being able to give the answers. Imagine waking up one morning and finding yourself in a totally foreign land with no clothes, no money, and no means of communicating! 

My friends…

Every unit of existence within the multiverses is conscious and has a purpose of existence. Take the sperm for example, consider its will, its drive and determination to reach its destination! What kind of consciousness is this?

The Rahman creates thousands of sperms and allows them to reach their goal with the “pen”! Hundreds and thousands of them race with one another, one makes it and the rest are banished.

The purpose of all units of existence within one platform of existence is to get to the next level and platform of existence. This is how the Fatir discloses its units of existence.

Each unit embarks on a journey based on its creational purpose driven by the guiding force deep within its essence.

The force (angel) comprising the multiverses takes a name according to the dimension it functions in. 

At most times, because of the conditioned concepts comprising their database, people are veiled from the real meaning of some words, and are deflected toward incorrect ideas without even realizing.

For example the Rasul (saw) says, “A rain drop is carried to earth with two angels.” Now if you don’t know how to decode this metaphor obviously you’ll find it absurd and meaningless. Otherwise, you’ll know that the raindrop is a water molecule made of two elements, namely oxygen and hydrogen, symbolized by “the two angels” (forces; energy)!

The brain is programmed with the angelic force (?) coming from its own depth (fitrah; creational program). Its function and future is determined.

In order to continue its existential continuity it begins to produce, as of four months, its counterpart; the spirit (radial wave body) backing up all its database to it.

The human brain is the most advanced form of what we perceive as matter. There is no other ‘material’ form on earth more advanced and more magnificent than the brain!

[1]Quran 18:110

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