All units of existence have come about from the same ONE (Malakut).

Malakut doesn’t come from outside the unit, it is the layer that comprises the unit’s existence from within its own essence (consciousness)! The letter 'B' in the Quran points to this layer!

Malakut is the primary conscious energy of which the infinite universes are composed. It is the manifestation of the divine attribute of power!

Since every form within the universe is composed of this conscious energy, nothing is inanimate or unconscious in existence! It is only due to the limits of perception that some things are conceived as unconscious or inanimate.

The conscious universe and everything in it have all been formed according to a system called sunnatullah, a universal order, and they will continue their existence based on this system ad infinitum.

As for the disclosure of Rasuls and Nabis…

Far from being God’s deliverymen, such enlightened beings are the translators and articulators of the reality that is ‘revealed’ (inzal) to their consciousness from within their own essence, or the knowledge derived from the names comprising their being. 

‘Disclosure’ (irsal) is to expose something, to make it known, to cause to appear. ‘Rasul’ is the source of disclosed knowledge. ‘Sama’ (heaven) does not only refer to the layers of the sky but also to the layers of consciousness (self). Thus revelation does not refer to something being sent down from the skies, it is non-local. No book has been sent from the skies. The word ‘book’ used in the Quran refers to knowledge!

Similarly, many words in the Quran have been mistranslated causing religion to be misconceived as something primitive, pushing many intelligent people away.

The time has come to re-question and re-examine these misconceptions!

The angel of revelation does not descend to the Rasul and Nabi from a place in space. They are the very activation of the potential knowledge within their essence. The perception mechanism of the brain perceives this activation as an external event. 

As such, the Rasul and Nabi experienced the creator of the infinite universes within their own essence through revelation (the manifestation of the knowledge in their essential reality to their consciousness). As a result, they READ the Sunnatullah (iqra) and relayed this information to others!

Based on the information they passed on, man is created for eternity, and will not become inexistent with death. He will continue his existence forever, always in forward motion, without returning to previous stages. Death is the name given to the transition one makes from living with a biological body to living with the spirit body.

The marked significance of the most magnificent brain on earth and the most excellent spirit of eternity over all other brains is this:

He understood the One named Allah and the system of Sunnatullah most comprehensively and most perfectly and presented it to us with the Quran.

None has been able to make similar explanations thus far! The Quran he disclosed comprises the absolute truth!

Based on these truths, mankind is going to exist in another dimension after life on earth, where each person is going to see and live the consequences of his actions on earth, either in suffering or in bliss.

In terms of how the sunnatullah concerns people on an individual level, each person will definitely live the consequences of his actions, either in this world, or in the next.

The system and order of Allah called Sunnatullah is renewed at every instance with the qualities of the names of Allah comprising it, and thus creation is infinitely recreated consistently. 

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