During those days of insight, I realized that what the Muslims present to us as ‘Sharia’ and what the actual original Sharia actually is, are two very different things. The original Islam comprises more in terms of human rights than any, secular government today. As long as one does not cause harm to others he is left alone with his faith, without compulsion or punishment.

It is very evident that the laws, which were applied during the time of the Rasul & Nabi of Allah, Muhammad (saw), and those that were applied after him, are significantly different... What we reference as Sharia today is like a snow-ball of innumerous thoughts and religious interpretations (fatwas) which has grown into an avalanche!

There was never a single Islamic government in the past after Hadhrat Ali (ra) passed on; only sultanates and dictatorships. And before that there was no such concept as government anyway. A tribal settlement was changed to some form of a government. The only thing in common with the government of then and now is the name!

Religious knowledge based on hearsay and rumors will only lead to loss!

For centuries, those in power, who presented and enforced their own corrupt understanding of Islam, exploited Islamic law in order to continue their dominance and power.

The origin of Islam is the Quran and Hadith!

Today’s flawed understanding of Islam is the Quran + Hadith + Comparative jurisprudence (Fiqh) + the common judgment of the people!

This is where things begin to stray!

Whatever is NOT a Verse or a Hadith is a ‘personal opinion’; it is an opinion (fatwa) and it does not bind anyone in the name of religion!

The biggest wrongdoing is enforcing upon others one’s personal opinion (fatwa) which is not based on a verse or hadith, as though it is a religious law!

As for the current times...

Is there a single government on earth today that is established upon ONLY the Quran and Hadith? No!

If one’s faith or Islamic understanding was according to the Islamic government or a government of Sharia, there couldn’t be a single believer who has embraced Islam on earth today. But thousands of awliya’ullah (friends of Allah) are currently living on earth, under non-Islamic governments and regimes!

Yes there are those who have formed governments based on their madhaptariqah, sect and school; their ‘regional Muslim understanding’, who see anyone who isn’t of their way as a disbeliever(kafir). But clearly, this is not Islam. Claiming otherwise will only be reducing and debasing the reality of Islam to a position of ridicule.

The grandeur of Islam is far beyond the disparage caused by personal mistakes.

Are those, who refuse to see anyone who isn’t of their way and from their ‘sect’ as a Muslim, who shun down women who don’t wear a scarf and classify them as disbelievers, to establish a government of Sharia and govern the people with their sticks and canes??!!

Upon which madhaptariqah or school of thought will they establish their government of sharia? And how many will reign over others in the name of Allah and religion thereby? I don’t even want to think about the implications of this!

How can we even think about an Islamic unity let alone the governance of that unity when the Muslims of today are too busy denouncing and defaming each other in the name of their personal Islamic understanding!

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