The biggest miracle of the One whose name is Allah according to my understanding is the brain. Mankind is still very far from duly evaluating this miraculous phenomenon. Unfortunately I’m not able to share many of my findings in regards to the brain now, as the things I wrote 20-30 years ago are only just being discovered and talked about today.

Time and space exists only based on the perception of the human brain.

In essence man is comprised only of a thought. Man is the servant of Allah who experiences the results of his database, created by Allah, at every instance!

Everyone will inevitably live the consequences of his actions. Based on this very important truth, it is imperative that everybody learns these unalterable universal laws and system, for the sake of their own future.

In short, those who don’t evaluate the magnificent brain and spirit who taught us about the One whose name is Allah, whatever his excuse may be, will suffer the consequences forever.



25 April 2006

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