Min sharri ma khalaq: From the evil of his creation

Wa min sharri ghasikeen idha wakab: From the evil of the darkness that settles in my consciousness preventing me from perceiving and comprehending…

Wa min sharrin naffathatee filukad: From the evil of those who manipulate brainwaves to knots on a thread to make black magic…

Wa min sharri hasideen idha hasad: From the evil eye of the enviers… (Quran 113:1-5)

QUL: recognize, realize, comprehend, experience and then say:

Audhu bi Rabbin Nas: “I seek refuge in the Rabb (reality of the Names comprising the essence) of the Nas (mankind)”

Malikin Nas: The Malik (the One whose sovereignty and administration is absolute over) Nas (mankind)

Ilahin Nas: The reality of Uluhiyya that resides within the essence of every human, with which he subsists his existence, and mistakenly thinks this state pertains to a god outside of himself!

Min sharril waswasil hannas: From the evil of the whisperer that covertly pervades then retreats, and reduces man to corporeality

Alladhee yuwas wisu fee sudurinnas: That which whispers illusory thoughts into man’s consciousness about man’s essential reality

Minal jinnati wan Nas: From among the jinni and man… (Quran 114: 1-6)

In short, by reading these protection prayers we are seeking refuge in the forces of the Names in our essential reality and their ability to become manifest, from all things that are dark (things we don’t perceive and understand) and from the evil of those who are involved in black magic (and who manipulate our brainwaves in this cause) and the negative energy of those who are envious…

Chapter an-Nas applies the principle “the part reflects the whole” and “the hearts are in between the two fingers of Allah” for the administration of one and the administration of a thousand are the same!

That is:

I seek refuge in the dimension of ‘B’ Rububiyyah of my essence, which is also what forms the reality of all humans, thus, this act of seeking refuge on an individual level automatically takes effect at the level of humanity! I also seek refuge in the dimension of Malikiyyah, which rules over every individual consciousness at all instances! I also seek refuge in the Ilah, the One who created man with His Names and attributes… From those who deviously and slyly induce whisperings in my consciousness, which cause me to deny the Reality and make me restrict my existence to this flesh-bone body, causing me to live a carnal life driven to please the animalistic desires of my body!

Let us contemplate on these interpretations now… Let us try to understand them!

The absolute truth is this:

Illa B-iznihi”!


9 September 2005

Raleigh – NC, USA

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