This shouldn’t catch you by surprise!

Whatever exists in our perceived world, from the most beautiful to the most awkward, are all created with the Names of Allah.

Heaven is heaven compared to hell, and hell is only hell in comparison to heaven!

Hell is like heaven for the demons of hell, and for the dorbeetle living in fecal matter feels like paradise!

Everything is relative! All things are either relatively favorable or relatively unfavorable! What one finds pleasant can seem revolting to another!

Hence, when we feel drawn to something in another, we are actually drawn to ourselves, our own attributes.

We do not feel drawn to or befriend someone who does not have our qualities.

But humans do change in time…

In time, our deeper qualities begin to manifest and our value judgments start to change. Our preference of friends differ... What we found valuable yesterday begins to lose meaning today. We begin to value things today that perhaps didn’t mean much to us in the past…

Every bird flies with its own flock. Like attracts like and everyone eventually ends up with the people they attract and deserve!

A smart person is a realistic person. The Haseeb quality within us calls us to account in the guise of Munkar and Nakir.

That is when we realize, according to our knowledge, where and how we are spending our life…

I have encountered many people in my life… I have seen people who thought they were the spiritual leader of their time (gaws). Some of them kept seeing dreams of the Rasul of Allah (saw) or those close to him. Some of them ended up in mental illness hospitals, some of them ended up in denial, and some passed on with their illusions…

The important thing is, how much of your knowledge are you able to put into practice and how much of your ‘will’ can you actualize with ‘power’ in accordance with ‘knowledge’… Not the number of nights you spend in illusion!

You came here alone and you will depart alone, only taking with you what you have gained in this worldly life… You will face the consequences of your actions alone, as you did in the past, as you are in the current moment.

Do not forsake your prayers from yourself, your friends and from me, someone whom you will probably never see.


26 August 2005

Raleigh – NC, USA

50 / 75

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