The cocoon that forms our world of thoughts often becomes our prison rather than the means to emancipate us to infinite new dimensions!

Everything in the universe and in our world is being renewed at every instance!

“Every instance HU (the Absolute Essence of Existence) manifests Himself in yet another way.” (Quran 55:29)

This verse calls our attention to the universal renewal that is taking place at all times!

Yet we are still awaiting a Mujaddid (Reviver) to arrive swinging a sword on a horse with an army to call people to a lifestyle of centuries ago!

I probably won’t be here to see him, but if you do, know with certainty that the Mahdi Rasul is not going to call the people and the religious understanding backward to old ways, nor is he going to repeat the conception of the past! On the contrary, he is going to be an innovator, a reviver and, as Rumi says, he is going to “talk of new things today”!

Blocked brains, or like me, those who are living the last period of their life will not see this blessed person, but at least we know he is a REVIVER! According to my understanding, he has already come to earth to renew and revitalize our understanding of religion! Blessed are those who are open to this!

Those who live to see it will send me their blessings!

Whatever you do, try to cleanse your brains from fixated conditionings and blockages lest you be deprived of the universal realities called sunnatullah!


18 August 2005

Raleigh – NC, USA

48 / 75

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