Some perceive everything as two-dimensional and confine reality to their perception, claiming the point beneath the Ba is disconnected and separate… While others say “I am a point, from the point… I am a cone comprised of innumerous points… I am a point that manifests many other points”!

Whatever it means….

Discover the mystery of the ‘B’, my friend!

Ask yourself, why does the Quran, which is a mirror to man, begin with the letter B

If your twin brother, the Quran, begins with the letter B, you must also begin all your activities and conduct your evaluations with the letter B… Most importantly, you must begin to know yourself through the letter B!

Expand your vision by knowing the Names constituting your essence!
Abandon your cocoon!

Transgress the two dimensional visual field (eye) and realize you are the multi-dimensional BASIR!

Consciously say B-ismi-Allah.

Observe the Rahman, Rahim, Halik, Muhyi and others on the mirror of the Quran…

He made His names a mirror to you so that you may know yourself and design your eternal abode accordingly.

But alas! You have been squandering your life away with useless things! Losing your eternal life at the expense of what?

He said you are the caliphate, so that you may remember yourself, not so you think you are a master over others…

This world is just a dream, when you wake up in the other dimension you are going to realize this, but it is going to be too late to make any changes to your new abode.

Do not be deceived!

Leave others to themselves and get to know yourself, discover your essence, expand your vision, decode and express the forces and potentials with which you have been endowed through the mystery of the letter B and the mirror of the holographic view!

And remember,

Everyone has only one chance and one chance alone!


23 September 2005

Raleigh – NC, USA

57 / 75

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