15. Al-Hijr

(Iblis) said: “My Rabb! Because you have led me astray as the outcome of the Names expressed through me, I will surely make (disobedience; deeds that veil from the sunnatullah) attractive to them on earth (their bodily lives) and mislead them all.” (Quran 15:39)

The rebelliousness of the creature named Iblis (Satan) is also the product of his absolute servitude! Hence, the implementing of absolute servitude does not prevent one from expulsion and damnation (deviation)!

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By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Alif, Lam, Ra... These (the reality and sunnatullah) are the clear signs of THIS Knowledge, the Quran.

2. (It will be that) those who deny the knowledge of the reality (curtained from their reality) will wish with intense desire that they had been aware of their submission.

3. Leave them, let them eat and enjoy themselves, let them amuse themselves with their unending desires! Soon, they will know.

4. And We did not destroy any region that was not already decreed.

5. No population can advance nor delay their term.

6. They said, “O the one to whom remembrance (dhikr) has been revealed! Indeed, you are crazy (possessed by the jinni).”

7. “Should you not have come to us with angels if you are of the truthful?”

8. We do not reveal angels except as Truth... At that time, they will not be reprieved!

9. Indeed, it is We alone who sent down that dhikr! And, indeed, it is We who will be its guardian!

10. Indeed, We also disclosed (Rasuls) before you, among the first people who shared the same belief.

11. As soon as a Rasul came to them, they would surely ridicule him.

12. Thus We advance it in the hearts of the guilty ones.

13. They do not believe (in the reminder; knowledge)... And they do not take heed from the consequences lived by previous disbelievers.

14. Even if we had opened to them a gate from the sky and they ascended through it...

15. They would surely have said, “Our eyes have been dazzled, in fact, we are a people bewitched!”

16. Indeed, We formed constellations in the sky (the brain; specific regions [pineal gland] within the brain that enable the observation of the reality) and adorned it for those who observe it and heed.

17. We protected it from every accursed and rejected Satan (the sense of individualism and fear of loss formed by the amygdala).

18. Except one who steals a hearing (associates the reality that becomes manifest therein to bodily life), is pursued by a clear blazing ball of fire (the Nur of the knowledge of the reality).

19. We have expanded the earth (the body is expanded such that it can contain the organs enabling the manifestations of the Names)! And We have set firm mountains (organs) therein... We produced everything there in balance.

20. And We made therein means of living both for you and for those whose livelihood does not belong to you...

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