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How Can We Protect Ourselves From the Jinn?

I have provided extensive information on this in The Power of Prayer…


The jinn, according to the teachings of the Quran, caused great suffering to Job (pbuh) who saved himself by continually reciting the prayer I will share below.

The waves produced and emitted by the brain as a result of repeating this prayer not only forms a protective magnetic shield around one’s brain, but also renders the jinn ineffective, much like the mosquito repellant tablets that neutralize and repel mosquitos - the jinn are left powerless and forced to move away.

Reciting the chapters ‘Al-Falaq’, ‘An-Nas’ and ‘Ayat al-Qursi’ from the Quran strengthen the spirit, enabling the person to resist and oppose the jinn. 

The prayer below however, is composed of various verses from the Quran and acts very much like the beams of a laser gun that directly shoot at the jinn forcing them to escape.

If you recite this prayer silently near those who believe in the “aliens” you will see that their jinn will make them get up and leave that place. Or, they will begin to sweat and feel distressed and lose their ability to articulate, mumbling things that don’t really make sense. 

In order to set free one who is under such intense influence at least a few people need to come together and collectively read this prayer to the person, whereby each person recites it 300 times within the same time frame and with the same intention. In fact, they should repeat this three times every other day.

If the person reads this prayer on himself, without support from others, he will begin to feel agitated after repeating it 30-50 times, his body temperature will begin to rise and he will feel immensely tired and eventually fall asleep. This is because he is under the influence of the jinn who are sending impulses to his brain to stop him from reciting the prayer. If the person resists and continues to recite, eventually these effects will begin to subside and the person will feel relieved. But in any case, it is highly recommended that he continues reciting this prayer for at least a month.

On the other hand, no matter how many times it is recited by those who are not possessed by the jinn, none of the symptoms mentioned above will be seen.  

So let me make my final warning on this subject. In order to protect oneself from the jinn, one must acquire knowledge on them. Let us then acquire proper knowledge, apply the formulas and warn those around us so that they too can protect themselves.




Rabbi annee massani ash-shayṭaanu binuṣubin wa `adhaabin rabbi a`oodhu bika min hamazaati ash-shayṭaani wa a`oodhu bika rabbi an yaḥḍurooni wa ḥifẓan min kulli shayṭaanin maaridin.[1]



My Rabb (The reality of the Names comprising my essence)! Satan (the internal mechanism (ego) that promotes the illusory existence of the inexistent and veils the Absolute Reality) is distressing and tormenting me. My Rabb, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of Satan, and I seek refuge in You from the presence of Satanic influences around me. And You have provided protection from every rebellious Satan.


A`aoodhu bi wajhi l-llahil kareem wa kalimaati l-ta’ammatillati la yujaawiz huna barun wa la fa’ajirun min sharri maa yanzilu mina s-samaa-i wa maa y`aruju feeha wa min sharri maa dhara fee-l ardhi wa mayakhrujoo minha wa min fitanil layli wan nahari wa min sharri kulli taariqin illa tariqan yatruku bikhayrin ya Rahman.



I seek refuge in the countenance of Allah, the Kareem (the exceedingly generous and bountiful), and in all of His Names, nothing good or bad can attack them. I seek refuge in RAHMAN from that which ascends to the heavens (provocative illusory thoughts) and that which descends from the heavens (thoughts that conjure doubt and suspicion), from that which is produced from the earth (that which emanates from corporeality) and grows out of it (bodily demands and desires), from the provocations of the day (our internal life) and the night (the outside world), and from that which knocks on the door at night (instinct), except with good.


[1] Quran 38:41, 23:97-98, 37:07

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