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The Letter B #7

There’s a common situation most of us find ourselves in... When we’re passionately explaining something we say, “Let Allah above be my witness…” But when it’s asked “Where is Allah?” we all say, “Allah is everywhere”. 

First we define his location to be ‘above’ and then we say he’s ‘everywhere’, but interestingly, we exclude ourselves from this ‘everywhere’ and claim ‘I ALSO exist’.

There is something you place a lot of emphasis on, I’ve never seen or heard this concept anywhere else, you emphasize the importance of the letter ‘B’, in fact you say it points to such a secret that volumes and volumes of books can be written on it.

But how, in the fast pace of our current times, should we understand the letter B?

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01:04 As known I sang a song about this, a verse that you wrote: “Evident is the Self if only you wish to see, it is only the Self that exists, if only you could erase your identity...” None of these things are irrelevant... Taking all of this into account can you talk a little about the letter B, so that we may all understand what exactly the letter B means.

02:35 The principle of unity points to the reality that He is free from being conditioned by His infinite, limitless manifestations, but that He is no other than those manifestations either, because there is nothing other than Him. This is the understanding of unity.

04:02 In other words to understand the Quran one must understand what is signified by the letter B.

04:45 The foundation of Sufism is Oneness. Whatever the path or name of the school may be, if it lacks Oneness in its foundation then it has nothing to do with Sufism.

05:30 It’s not possible to experience the love of Allah without unity.

06:05 The things people say are also the things that become manifest from them based on their creational purpose.

07:18 Consciousness becomes manifest as a result of the potential of the Names. This is the state which is generally referenced as ‘reaching Allah’, where ‘you’ no longer exist, only He remains!

07:58 I especially noticed that you emphasized the importance of the verse: “Ya ayyuhalladhina amanu, aminu billahi” which warns the believers to believe within the scope of the letter B.




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