Decoding the Quran

The world has entered the Age of Aquarius declaring: The time for renewal is upon us!

Heeding this announcement, I too have renewed my outlook on the Quran, and have begun to approach it with a totally new understanding!

The warning in this miraculous Book of Knowledge, “You say you follow in the footsteps of your forefathers, but what if your forefathers were on the wrong path?” compelled me to re-evaluate the Quran from the very beginning with a completely new outlook.

Religion has become contaminated with outdated interpretations of the past and degenerated with stories from the corrupted version of the Old Testament, further reducing and simplifying it for the masses to understand. I knew beyond doubt that the reality of religion could only be reached through the correct understanding of the Quran.

So, on the 15th night of the month of Ramadan, I commenced my mission to decipher and share this knowledge with my brothers and sisters. I thoroughly studied the Quran in light of the well heeded guidance of eminent saints and scholars, such as Abdul Qadir Jilani, Muhyiddin ibn al-Arabi, Imam Rabbani, Ahmad Rufai, and Imam Ghazali (may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon them all). Thankfully, committing 15-18 hours a day, I was able to complete my study in 120 days. Thus emerged the understanding of the Quranic verses in respect of the meaning of the letter B.

Since the Quran addresses the whole of humanity throughout all ages as guidance to the truth, this particular construal has been done in the light of the realities of today, the modern age.

It is an explanation of why certain incidents that took place thousands of years ago, the details of which are unknown, have been narrated time and time again reaching us today, and possibly even the generations to come.

Most importantly, it employs a holistic approach to the seemingly disconnected events, laws, edicts and commands of God, integrating this miraculous knowledge, to define just how and why it is a concern to humans.

Let us now delineate our findings, some of which have been included in our work.

The Quran has come to man to inform them of the reality of their essence and what they will be faced with in the future, so they can observe certain practices and abstain from others accordingly.

What is the reality of a human being? Why did the Quran come to remind – invoke (dhikr) mankind of their reality?

The answers to these questions, along with how man should understand the One denoted by the name Allah, are the most important and prominent topics covered in the Quran.

Let me approach this with the method of the Quran and explain with a parable. Think of a baby who is placed in a car at the time of birth and is brought up in this car until he is 40 years of age, never once leaving the vehicle. Until he is 40 years old he is consistently programmed with the conditioning “you are this vehicle”, such that by this age he has absolute and doubtless belief in it. Imagine now, he is told, at the age of 40: “You are not this vehicle, you are a human being, get out of this vehicle and be free!” But alas! He has come to see the steering wheel, the gearstick, and the gas and brake pedals as his very organs! How, at this point, can he be ‘reminded’ of the reality that he is not this vehicle, but that he is a ‘human being’ who can live independently of this vehicle?

He must first believe in what is being told, and then he must follow the instructions that are given to him so he can be emancipated…

As I have tried to explain with this simple example, Humans are beings with pure universal consciousness who have opened their eyes in an earthly body, operated by an individual consciousness!

Their self, the consciousness that is the Universal Intellect (Aql-i kull), has become veiled during the course their life, and human beings began to think they are merely the decomposable biological body they occupy.

Thus it became imperative to remind them of their reality! That is, that they are not the decomposable biological body in which they are temporarily residing, but an ethereal being! A being that will change dimensions, level by level, realizing its angelic properties(Quran:84:19) with which it will experience the realm of paradise!

This is why Rasuls were manifested to remind (warn) earthlings of their human qualities. So that, humans, aware of their essential reality, can prepare themselves accordingly for the infinite existence awaiting them after their biological bodies return to the earth.

As for those who lack human qualities, they will deny their reality (kafir) and live their lives driven by their earthly and bodily desires, deprived of the expressions of pure consciousness. Consequently, they will continue their indefinite existence fully aware in the state described as hell.

Everything that has emerged from nothingness into this realm of multiplicity derives its existence from, and functions with the Names of Allah. As such, in respect of pure consciousness, humans who become aware of and live according to this reality are termed vicegerents.

The Quran refers to such blessed souls as the ‘living’ and ‘seeing’ ones. While contrarily, those who fail to recognize or deny their reality, are referred to as the ‘non-living’ and ‘blind’ ones. Humans who recognize and live accordingly to their reality, possess angelic properties in terms of the essence of pure consciousness. Such humans are essentially comprised of the properties denoted by Allah’s names. As they manifest the meanings of these Names, in ways befitting true humans, the state referred to as heaven occurs. In other words, heaven is not an abode for mere earthlings, but a state of life for humans whose angelic qualities can become manifest. I earnestly hope this point is understood well.

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