The late Hamdi Yazir, in his Interpretation of the Quran; Ahmed Avni Konuk, in his construal of the Fusus-al Hikam (The Bezels of Wisdom by Ibn Arabi) and Abdulaziz Majdi Tolun, in his commentary on Insan-i Kamil (The Perfect Man) have all given adequate warnings about this truth.

I, too, to the best of my capability, tried to evaluate the verses of this divine book in the light of this truth; taking into special consideration where the letter B has been used and what meaning it entails in this particular position.

The verse ‘B-ismillah’ emphasizes the importance of READing the Quran with the awareness of the meanings implied by the letter B. The letter B points to the reality that, all joy or grief that is experienced by one, result from one’s own inner reality, in accordance to the meanings projected from one’s essence. The letter B tells us that one’s experience of heaven or hell is the direct result of one’s actions; that is, what manifests through one is based on the Names that are inherent within them. Thus ‘B-ismillah’ is repeated at the beginning of every chapter, reminding us of this truth.

According to my understanding, ‘B-ismillahirrahmanirrahim’ is a chapter in itself.

It is impossible to understand the Quran, without first comprehending the purpose, indicated by the Absolute Reality the name Allah denotes, which is based on the Quran itself, and the teachings of the most magnificent human to have ever lived on earth, Muhammad Mustapha (SAW).

If this purpose is not recognized, the wrong approaches will be taken towards the Quran; as if it were a history book, a good virtue book, a social order book, or a book containing the knowledge of the universe, etc.

Whereas, the most prominent truth that stands out to the READer who has no prejudice or preconditions, are the hints that enable one to abandon the dual view, and the teachings of the ways in which the consciousness can be cleansed towards this reality. Humans, because of the way they have been created, are immortal beings! They only taste death and, by constantly experiencing new realms of existence (ba’th), they go on to live an eternal life!

Death is the doomsday of the person, where the veil of the body is lifted and the person observes their own reality, and then begins to live the consequences of how much they were able to use this reality during their earthly life. As you READ you will see the various depictions of this throughout the book.


Humans must know and understand their own reality and live their life accordingly, so they can use the potential arising from their Reality and earn heavenly life… that is, of course, if their Rabb (the Names that comprise their essence) has enabled them to! The act of turning towards one’s Rabb, should not be an external turn, but an internal one towards one’s own Reality, which is what praying (salat) is – an inward turn towards one’s own essence.

At this point we must take heed of the following:

According to my understanding (and as I tried to elucidate in my book Renew Yourself the structure I refer to as the ‘universe within universes’, in respect of its reality, is a multidimensional single frame picture, or, a ‘singular holographic knowledge – an ocean of energy’ with all its dimensions. The whole of this ocean is contained in each of its drops. It is the quantum potential! As Rasulullah (SAW) declared with his words: “The part mirrors the whole!

As I have tried to explain in detail in my book Muhammad’s Allah there is no ‘other’ (concept, content, or form) in existence that can be likened or equated in any way to the One denoted by the name ALLAH.

Due to this reality, all enlightened beings extending from the contemplation and observation chain of Hadhrat Ali and Hadhrat Abu Bakr, who was referenced in the Quran as ‘the second of the two’ have all confirmed the same reality: “There is only Allah, and nothing else!” This is why observing and evaluating His universal perfection (hamd) belongs only to Allah! As there is no other, Allah is the evaluator of Himself!

Duality is an invalid and illusory notion!

Mankind arrives at this erroneous judgment with their illusions, becoming veiled (kufr) to the true Unity behind the misperception of multiplicity! Consequently, people live their lives believing themselves to be only the material body which will eventually die and be cast away to nonexistence or they assume the existence of an exterior God, whether up in the heavens of within the self (shirq)!

Whereas according to the people of Allah, who base their views on the Quran and Rasulullah, the core of the matter is:

‘HU,’ other than whom nothing exists, observes His knowledge, with His knowledge, i.e. the properties (quantum potential) denoted by the Beautiful Names (al-Asma al-Husna), in His knowledge (the dimension of knowledge…) This act of observing has neither beginning nor end. HU is beyond being conditioned or limited by what He observes (i.e. HU is Ghani from the worlds.)

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