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Unfortunately, my interpretation of the Quran, which has been done in the light of the Knowledge of the Reality, has inadvertently led to some misunderstandings. One of these is the notion that everything begins and ends with man. Of course, in respect of man’s essential reality, all that I have written are concepts that are shared by and agreed upon by all enlightened individuals.


Mankind isn’t the be-all and end-all.

We cannot deny that within the universe and galaxy in which we reside, in fact within our very solar system, exists countless different species of life forms, which our five-sense dependent science has not yet perceived, but which many unconditioned, objective people find very comprehensible.

The system mechanics that constitutes the make-up of a human being may very well be present in other species in the universe.

This truth is validated in the Quran!

Whether we take the example of Abraham (SAW), Lot (SAW) or even Mary (SAW) we repeatedly encounter these beings mentioned as ‘Rasuls’ throughout the Quran.

Moreover, I may very comfortably state that the angelic being referred to as ‘Gabriel’ is not a product of imagination but a form of life unable to be fully perceived by our limited sense perception, while its images are a product of the data processing system in the brain. This applies to all beings referred to as angels!

I do not feel it is appropriate to say anything further regarding this topic at this stage, when the intrinsic mechanics of the brain are only just being discovered and reported in our modern world. But I must add one more note: If you believe in their sincerity and genuineness, many enlightened saints such as Abdul Karim al Jili and Muhyiddin ibn Arabi have made contact with these life forms. The following thought provoking verse also pertains to this truth:

“I have no knowledge of the discussions of the Mala-i A'la (the Exalted Assembly of angels). (Quran 38:69)

There are many reports regarding certain species and their functions referred to as ‘Mala-i A’la’ in Shah Waliyyullah Dahlawi’s renowned book Hujjatullah Baligha, translated into Turkish by the Theology Professor Hayreddin Karaman.

Rasulullah Muhammad’s (SAW) words: “Befriend me with the Rafiq-i A’la (the Highest Company) also sheds light on this phenomenon!


One should not become so captivated with the inner dimension of things as to neglect their exterior-universal aspects.

Finally, as I had stressed in my book Spirit, Man, Jinn 40 years ago, let us be well aware and cautioned against the ‘jinni activities’ marketed today under the guise of being ‘angelic.’



18 June 2010

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