As for the Acts, activities, multiplicity and what we perceive as the corporeal world… Existence belongs only to that which is denoted as the Dimension of Names.

‘Observing knowledge in knowledge with knowledge’ designates that the very disclosure of the Names is the act of observing. In this respect, all forms are created and observed in knowledge. Hence it has been said ‘the worlds (or creation) have not even smelled the scent of existence yet’. Here, the part is the observer, and the whole is the observed one!

The force (kuwwa) pertaining to the Names is referred to as angels, which, in essence, constitute the reality of mankind. One who becomes aware of their reality is said to have ‘united with their Rabb! Once this state is reached, if it doesn’t continue, the resulting pain has been narrated as an intense hellish suffering! This is the domain of Power (Qudrah) and the command Be! (Kun) originates from here; this is the dimension of knowledge, where the mind and its functions are completely obsolete! This is the essence of the land of wisdom (hikmah)! The mind can only watch the activities that take place in the land of wisdom, where only consciousness can actively participate!

The dimension of Acts (af’al) in comparison to this plane (the dimension of Power) is a totally holographic (shadow) state of existence. All the activities of the entire parallel and multiple universes and all their inhabitants, i.e. natural resources, plants, animals (humanoids) and the jinni, are governed by the Mala-i A'la (the Exalted Assembly of angels) in this plane, depending on the perception capability of the perceiver.

Rasuls and their successors, the saints, are like the vocal expressions of the Mala-i A'la, that is, the forces (potentials) of the Names, on earth! And all of this is part of the observation taking place in the dimension of Knowledge! The essence of man, in this sense, is angelic and he is invited to remember his angelic nature and to live accordingly. This is an in-depth and intricate topic… Those who are not acquainted with this knowledge may find my words regarding the observation taking place from various dimensions to be contradictory. However, the reality I experienced when I was 21 years of age in 1966, which I have penned in my book Revelations, has been verified time and time again throughout the 45 years that followed it, and I have shared it all without expecting any tangible or intangible return. The knowledge I share is not a pass-down to me, rather it is the direct blessing of Allah for which I am eternally grateful! As such, there is no contradiction in my words. If it appears that way, it is probably due to the inability to make the correct connections, resulting from an inadequate database.

So, if this is the reality as I have observed, how should the topic of the Names of Allah be approached?

The Names of Allah are initially expressed through pure consciousness (revelation) without the interference of one’s consciousness, which tries to evaluate them later. The Names are cosmic universal qualities (not in the galactic sense).

The Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah. The structural qualities they denote pertain to the Absolute Self-Sufficient One. The Names look to the quantum potential beyond time and place; the Names signify the point. As such, the Names and their meanings belong to Allah alone and are free from becoming conditioned by human concepts.

“Exalted (Subhan– beyond) is Allah what they attribute to Him.” (Quran 23:91)

“And to Allah belongs the most names, so turn to Him through the meanings of His names. And leave the company of those who practice deviation (fall into duality) concerning His names. They will be recompensed for what they have been doing.” (Quran 7:180)

That is, leave the company of those who restrict the Names with their humanly values, and fail to recognize the reality of the Beautiful Names and who do not know Allah is respect of His Akbariyyah!

“And believes (confirms) the Most Beautiful (Names) (to be his essential reality) we will ease him towards ease.” (Quran 92:6-7)

Even the consequence of good is related to the Names:

“For the doers of good (ihsan) is the Beautiful (Names) and more (pleasure). No darkness (egotism) will cover their faces (consciousness), nor derogation (which results from deviating from one’s essence). Those are companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally.” (Quran 10:26)

Allah’s Absolute Essence (dhat) cannot be likened to anything in existence. With His greatness (Akbariyyah) He is free from becoming limited or conditioned by His creation or the attributes denoted by His Names, which constitute one point amongst infinite others. In other words, what is referred to as the Dimension of Names is like a multidimensional holographic single frame. And, despite the fact that it is perceived as the realm of multiplicity, this realm of activity is essentially a unified field of existence created with the compositional qualities in His knowledge.

To summarize before going further…

The qualities and attributes that we have come to acquire through revelation as the Names of Allah (singular in nature) are the very structural compositions that manifest the totality of all the universal dimensions, from nothingness into this shadow (holographic) existence. This reality, of which earthly vicegerency aspires to become aware, is far beyond the reach of the cruel and ignorant.

The Dimension of Names is the ‘exalted, magnificent, and perfect attributes and qualities’ with all its sub-dimensions and inner-existence!

Let us now ponder on the world perceived by humanity… and then “raise our gaze to the heavens and observe” as the Quran states, without dogmatic views and bigotry, with the understanding of universality formed by proficient knowledge!

What value does a world based on our miniscule perception have in comparison to the magnificence, glory and perfection of the universe?

I hope, in the light of this understanding, we can approach the Names of Allah with the awareness that their revelation depends on the purging of the individual consciousness (based on its limited perception and conception of the Book of Knowledge) and that their effects pertain to the whole of the cosmos, constantly manifesting new meanings and expressions.

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