HU’Allahulladhiy la ilaha illa HU!

Whether via revelation or through consciousness, HU is the inner essence of the reality of everything that is perceived… To such extent that, as the reflection of Akbariyyah, first awe then nothingness is experienced and, as such, the Reality of Hu can never be attained! Sight cannot reach HU! HU denotes absolute obscurity and incomprehension! As a matter of fact, all names, including Allah are mentioned in connection with HU in the Quran!




“HU is ALIY and AZIM.”

“HU is SAMI and BASIR.”[1]

And also the last three verses of Chapter al-Hashr

It is also important to note that using HU as a prefix to other Names is first to establish incomparability (tanzih) and then to denote similarity (tashbih) in reference to the given Name. This should be remembered at all times.


Ar-Rahman signifies the materialization of the essence of every iota, with Allah’s Names in His knowledge. In modern terms, it designates the quantum potential. It is the potential of the source of the entire creation. It is the name of the Dimension of Names! All things obtain their existence at the level of knowledge and will with the attributes denoted by this name.

As signified by the verses “ar-Rahmanu ala’l arsh’istiwa” (Quran 20:5)[2] and “ar-Rahman Allamal Quran, Khalekal Insan, Allamul bayan” (Quran 55:1-4)[3]. Rahman is the reality that manifests in consciousness! The ‘mercy’ is in the act of ‘manifesting it into existence.’

The narration of Muhammad (SAW) that ‘Allah created Adam in the image of Rahman means the knowledge aspect of man reflects the qualities of Rahman, i.e. the qualities of the Names.

The essence (dhat) of man is also related to the name Rahman. As such, the polytheists are not able to comprehend the notion of prostrating to Rahman (Quran 25:60) and Satan (the mind, illusion) rebels against Rahman (Quran 19:44). These verses indicate the manifestation of the essence of ‘Man’.


Ar-Rahim is the name that brings the infinite qualities of ar-Rahman into engendered existence. In this sense, it is the ‘observation’ of the potential. Ar-Rahim observes itself through the forms of existence, by guiding the conscious beings to the awareness that their lives and their essential reality are comprised of and governed by the Names.

“…And is ever He, Rahim to those who believe in their essential reality” (Quran 33:43).

Ar-Rahim is the source of the plane of existence referred to as ‘heaven’.

Ar-Rahim is the producer of the angelic state.


The Sovereign One, who manifests His Names as he wishes and governs them in the world of acts as He pleases. The one who has providence over all things.

“Subhan is He in whose hand (governance) is the Malakut (the force of the Names) of all things, and to Him you will be returned (the illusory self – ego will come to an end and the Absolute Reality will be discerned).” (Quran 36:83)

The Sovereign One who has no partners!

He who is blessed with this awareness will find himself only in absolute submission to al-Maleek! Objection and rebellion will cease. Al-Maleek is the foremost quality pertinent to the phenomenon known as its manifestations through a continuum (arsh-i istiwa).

“Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth glorify (tasbih, with their unique dispositions) Allah, the Maleek, the Quddus, the Aziz, the Hakim (to manifest whatever meanings He desires).” (Quran 62:1)


The One who is free and beyond being defined, conditioned and limited by His manifest qualities and concepts! Albeit the engendered existence is the disclosure of His Names, He is pure and beyond from becoming defined and limited by them!

[1] The definitons of these Names are in the following pages.

[2] Rahman is established on the Throne (Rahman established His sovereignty by creating the worlds with His Names, i.e., Rahman observes His knowledge with His knowledge, in the quantum potential.

[3] Rahman, taught the Quran, created man, and taught him eloquence.

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