24. This is the reward (result) of their deeds!

25. They will neither hear any empty discourse therein, nor any concept of sin!

26. Only saying, “Salam, salam” (meaning; “may the experience of the quality denoted by this Name be continual”).

27. And the people of the right (the believers) – and what people of the right?

28. Among the lote trees with their fruits,

29. And banana trees layered with fruit...

30. In extended (eternal) shade,

31. And flowing waterfalls,

32. Among many (varieties of) fruits,

33. (Fruits that) neither run out nor are forbidden!

34. (They are) upon lounges raised high.

35. Indeed, We designed them (the partners of consciousness; bodies) with a (new) design.

36. And formed them of a kind never used before!

37. In love with their partners (bodies that have never been seen or used before, who enable the peak experience of the qualities of the human consciousness, as opposed to the animalistic body that made man ‘descend to the world as enemies,’ directing him towards materialistic gains) and who are equal in age (came into existence with consciousness)!

38. (These are) for the people of the right (the fortunate ones).

39. A group of them (the people of the right) are from the former people.

40. And some from later people.

41. And the people of the left (the unfortunate ones who deny the reality and live in their cocoon worlds) – and what people of the left?

42. In samum (poisonous fire, radiation) and hamim (scalding water; unrealistic/baseless data and conditionings),

43. And a shade of black smoke (unable to see and experience the forces in their essence),

44. (That shade) that is neither cool nor generous (in what it brings)!

45. Indeed, before this they were rampaging in an abundance of worldly, lustful pleasures!

46. They used to persist in committing that great offence (denying their essential reality and its experience).

47. They used to say, “Will we really continue to live (be resurrected) with another body once we have died and become dust and bones?”

48. “Even our forefathers?”

49. Say, “Indeed, the former and the latter,”

50. “They will surely be gathered for the appointment of a known time!”

51. After which, O those astray deniers (of the reality)...

52. Indeed, (you) will be eating from the trees of zaqqum (the fruits/products of thinking you are only the body).

53. Filling your bellies with it.

54. And drinking scalding water on top of it.

55. And you will drink it like the drinking of thirsty camels that are unable to quench their thirsts due to their afflictions.

56. Thus shall be their state (what manifests through them) on the day of the religion (the system – the time when the reality of the sunnatullah is realized)!

57. We created you! So, will you not accept?

58. Have you seen the sperm that you emit?

59. Is it you who creates it or are We the creators?

60. We determined death among you and you cannot overpass Us!

61. (We determined death) so that We may bring (new bodies of) your like and that We reconstruct you (anew) in a form which you do not know.

62. Indeed, you have already known the first creation... So, should you not contemplate?

63. Did you see what you sowed?

64. Is it you who makes it grow or Us?

65. Had We willed, We could have made it a dry, weak plant, and you would be left in wonder!

66. “Indeed, we are in loss!”

67. “No, we are the deprived.”

68. And have you seen the water that you drink?

69. Is it you who discloses that from the white clouds or are We the disclosers?

70. Had We willed, We could have made it bitter (water)... Should you not be grateful?

71. And have you seen the fire that you ignite (from the tree)?

72. Did you make that tree or are We the makers?

73. We made it a reminder and provision for the ignorant wayfarer!

74. So, glorify (tasbih) your Rabb whose name is Azim!

75. I swear by the universe full of stars (where the Names become manifest)!

76. If only you knew how great an oath this is!

77. Indeed, that (universe) is the noble Quran (for those who can ‘READ’ it).

78. Contained within the knowledge that cannot be seen! (The universal data in the form of an endless ocean of waves and the data within the brain based on the holographic principle.)

79. None but the purified (from the dirt of shirq – duality – animalistic nature) can touch it (i.e. become enlightened with the knowledge of the Absolute Reality).

80. A disclosure (detailed explanation) from the Rabb of the worlds.

81. Now, you take this lightly and make little of it!

82. But was your denial the means of your livelihood?

83. And when the soul reaches the throat (at the time of death)!

84. You will be left (helpless)!

85. We are closer to it than you are, but you do not see.

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