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Three Explanations From The Rasul Of Allah (Saw)

I would like to highlight three important explanations of the Rasul. The first is about patience.

Muaz bin Jabal (ra) narrates:

When the Rasul of Allah (saw) heard a man praying, “O Allah, please grant me patience!” he said, “You just asked for trouble! Ask for welfare!”

This is important advice. The truth pointed out here by the Rasul of Allah (saw) is that when one asks for patience, one is indirectly asking for trouble, so they may be patient in the face of it! It’s almost like saying, “Give me hardship so that I can be patient”! Thus, the Rasul forbids us to ask for patience and advises that we ask for welfare instead![1]

As for the second advice… Again, the Rasul (saw) heard a man praying in which he mentioned the name “O Dhu’l Jalali wal ikram…” Upon this, the Rasul (saw) said, “You have been answered, ask for whatever you want.” Here we’re given a tip on the powerful effect of mentioning in our prayers the name ‘Dhul jalai wal ikram’.[2]

The third explanation: The Rasul of Allah (saw) heard a man praying, “O Allah, I ask from You a comprehensive blessing.” They asked him “What is a comprehensive blessing?” He answered, “I made a prayer and I await good tidings as a result (how can a blessing be comprehensive?). Upon this, the Rasul (saw) said, “The comprehensive blessing is to be saved from Hell and to enter Paradise!”[3]

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