My first book was called A Guide to Spiritual Practices, written in 1965.

The publishing industry, in those days, had a serious lack in this topic area. There were myriad prayer books available in the market, but their inadequacy made it mandatory to write and publish a new book. So, to the best of my ability, I prepared a short book on prayer according to the classical understanding and presented it to the service of my Muslim sisters and brothers.

It was printed many times over and I saw and heard it was in the hands and houses of many, for which I can never be sufficiently grateful, though I do not know the actual extent to which it spread in Turkey over the years.

Here is a paragraph from one of my readers whose children have now become adults:

One day during my childhood my father came home with a prayer book… It was called ‘A Guide to Spiritual Practices’. Being equally enthusiastic and curious as my mother, I read the book and tried to apply it according to my needs and troubles at the time. I asked for guidance and the strengthening of my faith, and I definitely saw its benefit. When I was getting married, my father gave me a copy of the same book, which I still read today…”

I am most fortunate to know this book has reached many generations and has become a classic in its own category.

However, through divine inspiration and comprehensive research, I have been able to reach many more powerful formulas and want to share these with as many Muslims as possible. Additionally, I want this book to answer the many unanswered questions in this area, in a way that new generations can understand.

Out of the inexperience of youth, I had given the copyright of my first book to a publisher, but this time, with the favor of Allah, I am donating this book to all my Muslim brethren. This book’s copyright is not limited. It was not written for financial gain. So long as it remains loyal to its original, everyone can benefit from this book and distribute it for the benefit of others. The recital of three ikhlas and one fatiha will be more than enough…

The Rasul of Allah (saw) says, “To be a cause for good is the same as doing the good.”[1]

I beseech that Allah enables us to be causes for good and protects us from deeds that will lead to much misery and regret in the future.

May Allah guide us to evaluate this book in the best way possible and allow us to recognize and comprehend the value of that which we possess.

[1] Al-Tirmidhi.

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