The renowned Soviet Union scientist Vlail Kaznatcheev remarked that human brains could affect wars telepathically. Prof. Kaznatcheev is continuing his research at an exclusive research facility founded in the body of Novosibirsk Academy where geniuses work.

MOSCOW – Prof. Vlail Kaznatcheev, who is one of the most respected members of the Soviet Science Academy, pointed out that the human brain could have an effect on people, thoughts and electronic equipment that are physically far away from it.

Kaznatcheev is intensely researching to prove his claim. Even though most people think his claims are nonsense, he is receiving great interest in his own country, the USSR. The government, which provided Kaznatcheev with a fully equipped laboratory and assistants for help with his research in the body of Novosibirsk Academy where geniuses are educated, expects a lot from his research.


KGB Protection

The most important aspect of Kaznatcheev’s research is that he is trying to use the telepathic powers of the human brain as a weapon. According to him, using only the power of thoughts, it is possible to disable computer systems, radars at the airports, and every kind of weaponry that can be developed using modern technology. 

The government, who is watching this research very closely, mobilized the most talented KGB agents to protect Kaznatcheev to prevent the CIA from kidnapping him. The famous scientist explains his views with very simple examples:

“If the computer you are using suddenly stops working, do not blame the manufacturer. If you are under stress or if you are angry, you could affect the equipment you are using because an ordinary human brain is more powerful than the most powerful computer and sometimes a person may use the powers that nature gave him without realizing it.”

According to Kaznatcheev, if a person intensely thinks about someone whom he hasn’t seen for a long time, and unexpectedly receives a phone call or a letter from that person, he should not consider this as chance. This act is the person directly affecting the person he is thinking about with his thoughts.

Lastly, at a Soviet television program in which Kaznatcheev participated, he displayed a plant in his laboratory for a long time and asked the audience to think for an hour only about the plant growing. The result was truly astonishing. The plant showed inexplicable growth in a very short amount of time.

The basis of Kaznatcheev’s research is to capture the infinity of the power of thought.

Continuing his research by merging science and parapsychology, in which he tries to reach the human subconscious, Kaznatcheev states his findings will some day produce very important results in crippling enemy equipment. However, he would like this technology not to be used as a weapon, but to prevent wars.”

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