So if all of this is the projection of only a single instance, imagine the infinite universes contained within the infinite instances in Allah’s knowledge.

Let’s think about the letter K. Imagine the vertical line comprising this letter extended to infinity; that it had no beginning and no end. Now think of a single point on this line, from which the second and third lines extend to form the letter K. If we think of this infinitely long vertical line as Allah’s knowledge, we may say the angle formed by the second and third lines, which originate from a single point (an instance) on this line, is like our universe. Note that I am saying angle and not a triangle, since a triangle has defined boundaries, as opposed to our universe, which is dimensionally infinite.

This infinite existence has been created in a single instance in Allah’s knowledge. Creation has no limits and this limitless boundless reflection comprises only a single instance. And there are countless other universes within countless other instances as such! The vertical line of the letter K constitutes infinite points and everything we perceive, the entire universe, is nothing other than the observation of a single point on this line. Every single universe among the infinite universes is an artwork of Allah’s creative knowledge.

As the angels perfectly state in the Quran:

“We can only know you with the knowledge you grant us.”

That is, ‘we can only know you, with the knowledge, consciousness and comprehension with which you have bestowed us; it is not possible for us to really know you!’

In the knowledge of Allah, we are but forms of imagination, among infinite others!

Everything that projects as these forms are all created by Allah.

“While it is Allah who created you and all your doings!” (Quran 37:96)

It is not difficult to understand this. Think about the example I gave previously. Think about those forms you have created in your imagination and allow them to interact with each other. When they meet one another and display certain behaviors, will their separate independent existence drive their behavior? Or will they be displaying the natural activities of the attributes with which you have designed them? Obviously the latter! Hence, we, as the creation of Allah, are only agents manifesting Allah’s qualities and will. And this very act of manifesting Allah’s qualities is the reality of servitude!

How much can I know you or you know me? I can only know you as much as myself. And you can only know me as much as yourself. If I possess a quality that you lack, then you can never know that particular quality of mine. And if I lacked a quality that you had, I will never know you with that quality.

If within this universe there is another universe of which we lack perception, then we can never discern it. So if we think in this light… We can only know the infinite existence denoted by the name Allah as much as He reflects on us. In fact, Allah’s infiniteness is only so according to the meanings projecting on us. In reality, Allah is even beyond concepts such as infinite and limitless.

Though I gave the letter K as an example to elucidate this topic, one should not understand it as only one line of infinite points. It should be thought of as a platform of infinity. For even an infinite line has boundaries. Think of it, perhaps, as an infinite space full of infinite points and our universe as only one of these points.

Now, let’s take it one notch further… Think of the angle forming from one of those points and try to grasp its infiniteness… Now in this dimensionally infinite angle, there are countless other points, and each of these points also project infinite angles… In other words, angles, within angles, within angles, all within a single point, in a space of infinite points! Such is creation!

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