What Is Dhikr?

Religion is not for attaining worldly sovereignty. In Jesus’ words, it is to attain the kingdom of heaven.” And this is only possible by reaching the essential reality of ones self.

How can one attain knowledge of the self?

Via the brain, of course!

Our success will be determined by the extent to which we use our brain’s capacity. The wider the scope of our reflective capacity, the more objectively we can view things and the stronger our spirits will get, allowing us to know the reality of Allah.

But how will such progress take place in the brain?

As I have thoroughly explained in my book The Power of Prayer - Channeling Brain Waves Through Dhikr, through the practice known as dhikr!

Indeed, dhikris the key to all of the above.

Primarily, dhikr is known to be a repetition of certain prayers and names of Allah. Its second meaning entails remembrance and to reflect on. Furthermore, it means to elaborate and dwell on a meaning such that it yields deep, comprehensive contemplation.

Here are some verses from the Quran in regards to the importance of dhikr:

“O believers! Let not your worldly goods or your children prevent you from the remembrance of Allah (the remembrance of your essential self, and the fulfillment of its requisites). And whoever does this – it is they who are the losers!” (Quran 63:9)

“They (the objects/idols of their worship) will say, ‘Subhan[1], You are! It is not possible for us to take besides You any guardians. But when You provided comforts for them and their fathers, they forgot the knowledge of the reality and indulged in bodily pleasures eventually leading to their ruin.’” (Quran 25:18)

“And whoever is blinded (with external things) from the remembrance of Rahman (remembering that his essential reality is composed of the names of Allah and thus from living the requirements of this), We appoint for him a Satan (a delusion; the idea that he is only the physical body and that life should be lived in pursuit of bodily pleasures) and this (belief) will become his (new) identity! And indeed, these will avert them from the way (of the reality) while they think that they are on the right path!” (Quran 43:36-37)

“Satan (corporeality; the idea of being just the physical body) has overcome them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah (their own reality of which they have been reminded, and that they will abandon their bodies and live eternally as ‘consciousness’ comprised of Allah’s Names!) Those (who are receptive to satanic impulses and think of themselves as only the physical body) are the acquaintances of Satan. Take heed, most assuredly, the partisans of Satan are the very losers!” (Quran 58:19)

The absence of remembrance in the form of dhikr is probably the biggest lack in our lives. Those whose brains are deprived of the power of dhikr are easily susceptible to the manipulations of the jinni.

Being under the influence of Satan denotes a much bigger reality than one may assume. The Quran clearly states that the majority of the human race is under the direct manipulation of the jinni:

“The Day when He will gather them together (and say), ‘O community of jinn, you have truly possessed (misled from reality) the vast majority of mankind.’...” (Quran 6:128)

The only and most powerful weapon man has against the jinni, who appear most often in the guise of aliens or extraterrestrial beings,is dhikr.

The most observable feature of those who are under the influence of the jinni is the absurdity of their speech, which lacks logical uniformity and is contradictory.

The Quran advises reciting the following verses as a dhikr or as prayer to be protected from them:

Rabbi annee massani ash-shayṭaanu binuṣubin wa `adhaabin rabbi a`oodhu bika min hamazaati ash-shayṭaani wa a`oodhu bika rabbi an yaḥḍurooni wa ḥifẓan min kulli shayṭaanin maaridin” (Quran 38:41, 23:97-98, 37:7)

“My Rabb (The reality of the Names comprising my essence)! Satan (the internal mechanism (ego) that promotes the illusory existence of the inexistent and veils the Absolute Reality) is distressing and tormenting me. My Rabb, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of Satan, and I seek refuge in You from the presence of Satanic influences around me. And We have provided protection from all rejected Satans.”

Cigarettes are the most prominent source of smoke nutrition for the jinni. Due to this they never leave the presence of smokers. Again, dhikr and prayer is the only way one can protect the self from their influences.

Prayer and dhikr enable the brain to produce a protective energy, which can shield the brain from the impulses sent by the jinni, either by weakening these incoming impulses or by preventing them altogether.

In fact, the protective energy omitted by the brain during dhikr forms a field of protection around the person.

Indeed, our preeminent purpose in life should be to develop and enhance our brain via dhikr and thereby to know our selves and our environment. For our brain possesses potential that is beyond our imagination. If only we could harness its power!

Only then may we gain insight into the reality of man, his make-up, his mechanism, his inherent qualities and how to optimize them through dhikr and prayer.

[1] The One who creates a new manifestation every instance and is absolutely free from becoming confined or limited by them.

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