The Brain

The brain is the mechanism with which we evaluate everything.

In terms of our current perception, the brain is a chemical composition.

This chemical composition carries out various functions via bioelectric activity to bring about all the formations in our existence.

In respect of the molecular structure of the brain, the biochemical make-up of its cells, especially those pertaining to the DNA and RNA molecules, allow the brain to be actively engaged in bioelectric activity, while simultaneously interacting with the cosmic rays comprising subatomic life forms.

To give a simple example, let us take the cosmic rays that radiate from the sun. These rays reach the earth from the sun in eight minutes and penetrate through every cell (and their sub-structures) in our body, causing multitudinous effects, all within milliseconds. These rays permeate through the whole Earth and continue their journey through space, every day, at all times. Throughout every second of our lives, we are constantly subjected to an uninterrupted flux of cosmic rays. Further, we are constantly prone to the radial cosmic influences coming from certain constellations (astrological signs) stimulating particular responses within the Earth and everything on it!

Unfortunately, humanity is still at a very primitive level in terms of deciphering this phenomenon.

Indeed, our brain receives these rays via the input receptors, such as the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, or perhaps even ones of which we are currently unaware, and interprets them based on its own evaluation.

The initial programming that occurs in the brain takes place in the womb. In fact, some even allude to the possibility of an earlier stage of coding, pertaining to the sperm and egg, before conception, based on the brain activity of the parents during intercourse. This, though, is on the periphery of our current topic. Those who are interested in further information about the early programming of the brain can resort to my book The Mystery of Man.

As we said, the brain is a data processing center. There is no vision or sound within the brain, just like there is no vision or sound inside the television unit. Like we consume food for energy, a TV consumes 220 volts of electricity for energy. The transistor, diodes, microchips and so on, comprise the center that processes incoming data. Waves containing radial data are received via the antenna or a cable broadcast, processed in this center, then reflected onto the screen and speakers as vision and sound.

Similarly, the brain receives its life energy as glucose and oxygen through the food we eat, and obtains its life force through the energy of the sun. Meanwhile, all the activities that take place in the brain are converted into waves and uploaded to our holographic wave body, known as the spirit.

The individual spirit begins to form in the womb, on the 120th day after conception. Hence, abortion after the 120th day is considered a grave sin in religion.

The Universal Spirit, of which the angels and the universe are comprised, is known as the Grand Spirit (Ruh-ul Azam) in Sufism. This Spirit, which was present before the universe came into existence, is a composition of Names, hence a totality of meanings, and the very first creation! It isn’t a spirit in the absolute sense, of course… It is also known as the First Intellect (Aql-i Awwal) and the Reality of Muhammad (Haqiqat-i Muhammadiyyah).

No need to delve further regarding the spirit, as I already have done so in numerous other books. Unfortunately many find it difficult to digest the information I share about the spirit. Some people even question me ‘How can you talk about the spirit, when even Muhammad (saw) was devoid of this knowledge?’, ignorant of the fact that the Quranic verse “little knowledge has been given to you regarding the topic of the spirit” was not addressing the followers of Islam, but the Jews, who had asked this question in the first place!

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