In fact, Imam Ghazali, a renowned Islamic scholar and saint (waliyy), states the following about the spirit, in the section on prayer, in the 1st volume of his book Ihya-u Ulumiddin:

Do not think Rasulullah (saw) was ignorant of the reality of the spirit. As, he who knows not his spirit cannot know himself! And how can he, who is ignorant of himself, come to know his Rabb? Just as the Nabi and the Rasuls knew the reality of the spirit, it is not far from possibility that certain saints (waliyy) and scholars also had insight into this reality!

Going back to the topic of the brain, as stated above, the brain cells are constantly subjected to various cosmic rays while actively engaged in bioelectric activity, and thus its output of activity is based on all of these influences.

There are 120 billion neurons in the brain, each with 16,000 neural connections and each capable of carrying out all of the functions of every other cell! And humanity is only using 7-12% of this enormous capacity!

While we use this 7-12% not much is actually happening inside our brain! For example, when we see or hear, no sight or sound is taking place inside the brain. The only thing that is really occurring in the brain is bioelectrical interaction among the neurons.

Based on all the cosmic rays and environmental conditionings to which we are constantly subject, we have come to refer to the evaluation of certain data within the brain as seeing. But this is really just the value judgment of our brain! To say I see is no different to saying I perceive. For, in reality, it is the latter that is really happening; we are perceiving data and then interpreting it as vision.

As our tool and capacity of perception changes, so do the things we perceive, and the value judgments based on our perception!

In a sense, the brain is a mechanism that evaluates and interprets waves of various frequencies and cosmic rays in accordance with its internal programming.

While the brain uploads all this data to the holographic wave body it simultaneously produces, it also transmits this energy out to its surroundings, much like a radio transmitter. These transmitted waves of energy then become stored in the atmosphere, like a volume of waves, encoded by the transmitting brain. If a device can be invented to decode these stored data, the entire life of every single person can be screened and watched from beginning to end! As a matter of fact, religious texts that talk about the books containing all the stored information of people’s lives and how they will be handed to people after Doomsday are not alluding to anything other than the decoding of these waves!

There are two ways to increase the perception ability of our brain. We can either invent new devices that can expand the brains capacity to perceive via the five senses or activate the brain’s internal perception circuitry through various exercises, especially the one known as dhikr. The word dhikr (pronounced zikir) is commonly translated as “remembrance” and “invocation” or as “chanting” particular prayers and Names of Allah.[1]. Only after expanding and strengthening our field of perception can we begin to see what is currently invisible to us.

The pivotal point one should take note of here is: the brain is unable to evaluate and decipher the cosmic rays and waves of data it perceives if it has no existing information pertaining to them in the first place. Furthermore, if certain areas within the brain have not been activated, then all of the waves of data pertinent to these areas will be dismissed without being evaluated!

Our brain is constantly receiving streams of waves from the universe, all containing different meanings and information, but, due to our lack of decoding ability, most of these wavelengths containing valuable information are being discarded.

The whole cosmos with all its integral parts is a living, conscious existence!

Blessed are the ones who can perceive that the entire cosmos with all its multidimensional universes and waves and rays and quantal dimensions, is a unified, single unit of existence!

What we call imagination is this very structure with luminous origins. In fact, we are radial beings! Only because of the five-sense restriction do we fail to recognize this reality…

Indeed, by its origin, the universe is a SINGLE structure. And because all the particles are interconnected with each other within this structure, any one activity can bring about an infinite chain of reactions in any part of the universe! In other words, we are all connected; nothing in existence has a separate, independent, free will or existence!

This is where the phenomenon known as fate is derived.

So what exactly does Islam and Muhammad (saw) say about fate…?

[1] More information is provided in chapter 24.

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