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From a God who thinks like man, to man who thinks like Allah!

Based on centuries of conditioning, humanity has come to assume the existence of a God who thinks just like man. A God who can fall asleep or become absentminded while things can transpire without His awareness!

In response to such primitive thoughts, the Quran asserts that a God who sleeps or dozes does not exist… For thousands and thousands of years, humanity lived with the assumption of a God who thinks like man, who evaluates and judges like man… Though, from time to time, people of truth have received revelations and have come to remind mankind that such a God does not exist…

But how can one explain to a primitive minded person with limited understanding, who does not comprehend the fine truth in the expression the servant of Allah (abd-Allah) and instead thinks of him as God’s subsidiary on earth, that the servant of Allah is actually the being who most perfectly manifests the names and attributes of Allah!

In heed of Jesus’ (saw) words “you think like a man, not like Allah” the servant of Allah is he who evaluates creation like Allah… but how to explain this to those with limited comprehension…?

The venture of man is between these two points!

From a human-like God, to the servant of Allah!

Every individual exists to comprise a stage of this formation. Man forms the stage in which he will forever reside with his own activities and thoughts in this world. 

If after reading this sentence one does not feel excitement or a shiver down his spine, leave him in his corporeality… let him continue his fleshly life with the satisfaction of his bodily pleasures! Let him listen to all of this as though it is some fairytale then turn back to his daily entertainments!

Where are we on the venture between the human-like God to the servant of Allah?

Peace and blessings to my friends who find this question important and valuable!



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