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The Nonreturnable Infinite Journey of the Human Spirit

-I decided to further examine the topic on the spirit. Was the spirit, as some explain, something that came into the body from outside, then left the body, then came back? Or was it something else?

-Anyone who has accepted and reached the reality of the religion of Islam knows what the spirit is.

-However, like many verses in the Quran those about the spirit are also very metaphoric. Metaphors will only lead to more metaphors.

-In this talk I’m going to explain what the spirit is, what the human spirit is. 

-What is death, what kind of a life does the spirit move on to after death?

-What is the reality behind the beings who are said to greet us after death?

-What kind of a life is awaiting us after death (what is the intermediary realm?

-After the intermediary realm, what happens during the life phase called ‘Doomsday’?

-What is the phase of hell?

-As the verse says “Wa nahaftu feehimin” i.e. “We blew into him the spirit”, this is not talking about something being blown into the body or the brain from the outside. This act of blowing is referring to something being produced from the inside out. Hence it is the electromagnetic waves being produced by the growing cells of the fetus.

-With the event called death the physiological make-up of the brain becomes dysfunctional. The electromagnetic pull of the physical body is depleted. When this depletion occurs, life continues with the backup data-package. This is what they used to call ‘spirit’!

-A humans entire life transpires within the hologram world of his brain.

-The religious term for this hologram world in our brain is “life of the grave” (kabir).

-During the death of a person, they talk about some people, usually close relatives, appearing before the person. All of these are hallucinations of death.

-The brain works on automation. Any data that enters the brain is synthesized and processed according to the existing database in the brain and at the end of this procession an output is automatically generated. There is no ‘me’ besides the brain.

-If we have not yet understood and discerned what the meaning denoted by the letter B is, our life will be spent in duality (shirq) in the words of the Quran.

-The One whose name is Allah, is an infinite endless potential and it constantly creates and manifests this potential at every instance.

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