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The Human Spirit

As known, what enables the continuity of man after death is his spirit. 

What is the human spirit? How is it different to the universal “SPIRIT”? How is it formed and what are its properties?

The act of blowing the spirit into the fetus on the 120th day is a very symbolic expression. Clearly this isn’t about Allah literally blowing His Spirit into the fetus. Allah is beyond and far from such concepts. 

Gaws al-Azam Abdulqadir al-Jilani wrote in his “Qasida al-Ayniyyah” some one thousand years ago:

“This is a metaphor! Is not the SPIRIT His very existence?”

This is of grave importance! It is imperative to contemplate on it without prejudice and judgment.

As Imam Ghazali says, “the human spirit isn’t something that comes from outside and enters into the human body.”[1]

The Human SpiritOn the 120th day after conception the brain of the fetus is developed enough to process its first stream of cosmic rays. This event of incoming cosmic rays instigating the production of waves we call the “personal/human spirit” is explained metaphorically as an angel blowing the spirit into the body.

This wave-body called the spirit can be examined at four levels.

1. Carrier waves (spirit) holographic wave body

2. Anti-gravitational force

3. Positive energy waves (Nur)

4. Memory waves




The human spirit is comprised of carrier waves; this is what enables man to continue his life after death. It is holographic in appearance. Even if to some extent it becomes deformed for various reasons it has the ability to repair itself and return to its original state. 

The Human SpiritEssentially, it is the counterpart of the physical body. Its form and appearance are the same as the physical body at the point that it separates from it. If at the point of death, the body has a missing organ due to an accident, say for example a leg or an arm is missing, because it existed before and this data was uploaded to the spirit, the spirit body will not reflect this absence. The body of the jinn, commonly mistaken for aliens, is of the same make-up as the spirit-body.




This has commonly been discussed covertly. I will share further information from the Rasul of Allah (saw) regarding this in the section about fate.

The brain core of the fetus encounters critical information on the 120th day in the womb. In fact, I can easily say without doubt that this is the most critical moment in the life of a human being. For the cosmic rays that penetrate the brain on that day have one chance at activating the anti-gravitational force that will allow the person to escape the earth’s magnetic pull during doomsday. These anti-gravitational waves, if activated, are uploaded to and hence constitute the spirit-body. In other words, in the case of anti-gravitational waves being activated and produced, the carrier waves that form the spirit-body are composed of anti-gravitational waves. Otherwise, the carrier waves are formed unaided by the anti-gravitational force and thus unable to resist and become independent of the magnetic pull of the Sun and Earth.

The other attribute of the anti-gravitational force is that it uploads positive energy to the spirit. That is, a third type of waves is uploaded to the second type of waves. 

If the brain doesn’t produce the second type of waves then the third type of waves cannot be uploaded; they will serve no purpose in the afterlife for the person.

The person has no say and plays no role in the activation of anti-gravitational waves.

Just as the cosmic effects received on the 120th day after conception commence the production of spirit-waves with no effort or will on behalf of the person, the activation of anti-gravitational waves also has nothing to do with the person – nobody can do anything to alter or affect this process. One either receives the necessary cosmic rays on that particular day, to activate that particular circuitry, and hence begins to produce its spirit-body interweaving it with anti-gravitational waves, or the circuitry isn’t activated, and the spirit is formed without the anti-gravitational force. 

The inevitable outcome of the latter case is eternal imprisonment in the Sun, i.e. “hell”.

This truth can be found recorded amongst various hadith regarding fate where the Rasul of Allah (saw) says:

“Allah appoints an angel to every womb, and if Allah wishes to complete the child's creation, the angel will say. ‘O Rabb! A male or a female? O Rabb! Fortunate or unfortunate (said or shaki)? What will his livelihood be? What will his age be?’ The angel writes all this while the child is in the womb of its mother.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Thus, is the matter of the said and shaki (the fortunate/unfortunate ones) mentioned in some of the hadith that I shared in the section on fate.

Brains that produce the anti-gravitational waves are referred to as the said or the fortunate ones, i.e. those who have reached true happiness and bliss. And those whose brains have not been activated to produce anti-gravitational waves are called the shaki or the unfortunate ones, i.e. those in a state of misdeed and wrong.

Neither the fortunate have earned this state through their deeds nor the unfortunate have been deprived because of their misdeeds. 

This is based totally on what transpires on the 120th day in the womb.

The Human SpiritThose whose spirits have been strengthened with anti-gravitational waves will most certainly reach the state of paradise. Those who have been deprived of the anti-gravitational waves will inescapably be stuck inside the Sun-Hell.

The fact that this has nothing to do with one’s deeds is validated with the words of the Rasul (saw):

“Indeed, none of you will enter Paradise by his deeds alone.” They asked, “Not even you, O Rasul of Allah?” The Rasul said, “Not even me, unless Allah grants me his mercy.”

As can be seen going to paradise has nothing to do with one’s deeds and everything to do with the grace and mercy of Allah, which is represented as the activation of the anti-gravitational waves in one’s brain, based on “divine determination”.




Positive energy waves, or “good deeds” in religious terms (thawab), are formed in the brain by altruistic, unselfish thoughts and actions. Negative energy on the contrary, or “sin” in religious terms, are produced by egoistical and selfish concerns and actions. 

Positive energy is uploaded to the anti-gravitational waves. If the person does not have anti-gravitational waves then even if positive energy is produced it will be of no benefit to the person after death. Albeit he will experience the positive consequences of this energy in the worldly life.

Negative energy on the other hand doesn’t need anti-gravitational waves to be uploaded; it is directly transferred to the carrier waves forming the spirit body. 

Positive energy (thawab) is produced when the person starts becoming conscious of his actions, hence as of the ages 5-6 children should be advised to engage in constructive positive actions. 

Negative energy is produced and uploaded as of adolescence, i.e. with the production of sex hormones, as negative energy is produced when the brains biochemistry is altered by sex hormones. This is why religious texts often metaphorically say no sin is recorded and hence nobody is accountable for their actions before adolescence

I swear it was revealed to you and those before you, “Indeed, if you associate anything to Allah (if you live in a state of duality – shirq) all your work will become worthless and you will surely be of the losers!”[2]

Dying in a state of duality is the inevitable end of the unfortunate ones who are deprived of the anti-gravitational waves needed to carry positive energy. Thus, all of their good work is lost.




Memory waves encompass all data associated to the person’s thoughts, emotions, desires, and all mental activity that differentiates him from others. Similar to television waves they are uploaded to the holographic body with sound and image.

The person continues to live indefinitely after death with the contents of this data package. 

All mental activity in the brain, without exception, is uploaded to the spirit at every instance, regardless of whether the second or third type of waves is present.

Individual consciousness is the depiction of these memory waves. In other words, the memory waves comprise the body of the person’s consciousness.

So, to sum up “man” or “human” also consists of the human spirit, or the holographic after-life wave body, which is comprised of these four different types of waves. 


Ahmed Hulusi



[1] More information on this can be found in Spirit, Man, Jinn.

[2] Quran 39:65

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