Hello my dear friends,

May our lives reflect the beautiful meaning denoted by the name “salaam”.

As a person who has thorougly questioned the subject of man and religion in detail and in depth, I am here to share some of my findings with you.

My purpose and duty is simply to share my thoughts with you. Of course it is up to you to evaluate it as you like.

I am not a hodja or a religious scholar. Moreover, I can’t imagine claiming myself to be a sheikh, or a spiritual master as those who know nothing about me assume I am... That is not my approach... I only contemplate, inquire, research and  direct my life accordingly. The reason behind my research and inquiry is that...

I want to leave this world as having thorougly understood the subjects about which I am curious. Just imagine.

The place in  which you were born and raised. Imagine if you were born and raised in Africa, let’s say in the tribe of Tanrıbuki, instead of where you were actually born and raised… Or  among the Eskimos... would you still have the same values and beliefs?

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01:55 People base their lives upon ideas which are  imposed upon them by their environment about which they usually do not inquire and research in regards to its authenticity.

03:30 The world is going through totally new developments. People have started to reevaluate and question many subjects anew. Except one subject: Religion!

05:36 Imagine you were beamed  to some tribe in Africa or to an Indian or a European community that lived 300-400 years ago. And you have to, tell them about the internet or television. How will you explain it to them using some examples and metaphors, right?

08:05 I said they ‘used to’ buy wives 1400 years ago, but not now, right? I hear things like: Come on my dear son, you’re old enough, it’s time we ‘got’ you a wife. It’s been 1400 years but they are still considering women as commodities. Women are not thought to be spouses in todays society. Actually nothing much has changed.

09:53 Today is the beginning of Ramadan in Turkiye. People are fasting. They are fasting but how? This is worth thinking about.

12:42 Nowadays there are arguments in many places, people fight with each other. You see, the muazzin recited the adhan 5 minutes earlier or 10 minutes later. Were there clocks at the time of Rasulallah?

14:37 I asked: “What does “optional” (nafile) mean? They said: “Something not essential, worthless”. The word “optional”(nafile) is used in place of  “worthless”,”futile”. Whereas the origin of the word “nafile” is “nafi”. It means useful, beneficial.

15:55 What is human nature like? Why is praying necessary? What are salaat, fasting and hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca)? What is faith in Allah and how is it performed? What is faith in Allah and how is it performed?

18:15 Anyway…Hopefully we will talk about them with you. And we will narrate our opinion about them. The rest will be your comment. We are not interested in politics or politicians. Money is not our subject, either.

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