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Do Not Be Fooled!

Deception befalls us… Sometimes from an exterior enemy, sometimes from our own illusions!

External deceivers are easier to identify; beings who cannot tolerate humans for having higher values and attributes than themselves and want to pull them down from their higher human state as “the most honored of creation” to a carnal state of animalism! Beings who exploit their invisibility and take advantage of every weapon at their disposal!

Our internal deceiver, on the other hand, makes use of our lack of knowledge and discernment, our denial of our self and essence to punish us!

One pulls us away outwardly; the other buries us inwardly!

So, how can we save ourselves from this exhausting problematic situation?

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01:40 The answer is simple: by READing the ‘Audhu…’ protective prayer. “But we repeat the Audhu a hundred times a day and nothing happens!? What kind of a state is this that even the constant repetition of the Audhu seems to be useless!?” 

02:58 The Rasul of Allah (saw) READ the system and wanted us to also be of the READers! Therefore, in order to be among the protected ones we must first be among the READers, not the ‘repeaters’! 

05:10 I seek refuge in the forces of the Names and Attributes in my essence pertaining to the One whose name is Allah, from the one who has fallen away from their reality and wants to deceive and misguide me in vengeance of the fact that I have been created with a higher capacity! Thus, to READ the Audhu with this comprehension is the second step…

06:44 Their fundamental principle is to divert man’s attention to external things and prevent him from turning inward to his intrinsic qualities and potentials!

08:25 READing’ on the other hand involves deciphering and decoding the system (sunnatullah) to understand its mechanism, and to output relevant THOUGHT and BEHAVIOUR.

10:08 What does it mean to seek refuge in one’s essential reality? This is revealed in the Kul Audhu prayers...

12:27 In short, by reading these protection prayers we are seeking refuge in the forces of the Names in our essential reality and their ability to become manifest, from all things that are dark (things we don’t perceive and understand) and from the evil of those who are involved in black magic (and who manipulate our brainwaves in this cause) and the negative energy of those who are envious…


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