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Bi-izni-Hi (with His permission)

The biggest gift the Rasul of Allah (saw) has given those who comprehend the Word of Unity, and know that its proper application will bring paradise, is the Basmalah, or the understanding pertaining to B-ismi-Allah-ar-Rahman-ar-Rahim!

The most elevated life in paradise will be bestowed on those who comprehend the meaning of the Basmalah, to the extent their natural disposition allows them. 

The reason why man is the most honored of all creation is due to his ability to understand and apply the meaning of these words. This honor belongs only to the muqarribun (those who have attained certainty; yakeen) among those who come to this world as the fortunate (said) ones.

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01:40 The Basmalah isn’t something to be repeated, it is the articulation of an experience! Its due articulation thus belongs to people at this level; the intimates of reality. 

03:13 One of the verses in the Ayat al-Qursi reveals the ways in which Allah’s administration becomes manifest and how much external factors or intercession can alter this administration...

04:16 As I stated earlier, if we want to decipher the secrets in the Quran we must use the key denoted by the letter ‘B’. If the secret of this letter is not ascertained we will always postulate a God somewhere beyond.

06:50 “O you who have believed; Aminu Billahi…” That is, “O you who have believed, believe in Allah in accord with the meaning signified by the letter B...” (Quran 4:136)

08:45 It is not for a soul to believe unless the unique composition of Allah’s Names comprising his essence permits.”(Quran 10:100) 

09:32 The quality of the name al-Fatir, which is the former of natural dispositions, takes place within the person’s own dimension of Names that comprise the person’s Rabb (dimension of Rububiyyah).

11:08 Since the part reflects the whole, every individual unit of existence contains the Rabb, i.e. the compositions of Names, which express themselves in degrees from the individual’s heaven (brain) to their body!

12:26 That is, in divine knowledge, there are no parts or division; there is only a SINGLE field. Most people may not find this easy to comprehend.



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