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SKYTURK TV - The God Gene Explained

SKYTURK Evening News “The God Gene Explained”

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00:00 Is there a gene associated to having faith in Allah? Is it a gene that enables one to have faith?

03:05 Sir, we saw the cover for Time in the news, but I believe you want to add to it, or in other words, since you closely follow such research you may want to add your views on it.

06: 09 If there is such a gene, then why doesn't everyone carry it?

09:20 Now the Word 'beginning' needs to be understood well. Im not talking about a fixed time in space, every individual unit has its own beginning, there is no big one-time fixed 'beginning' outside.

11:53 Does prayer have any effect on one's fate?

15:41 Sometimes some people foresee an event that somebody else is to encounter, how does this happen?