Since Allah is Ahad, a secondary form of existence cannot be possible! It is also impossible for Allah to be divided into parts across time.

Ahad is only valid for one single instance, denoted by the word dahr.

I am dahr!

Dahr is the instance that Ahad is itself.

Allah is SAMAD

If we take an extensive look at the meaning of this word, we will see that Samad means the following:

A whole without any void or emptiness, impermeable, nothing penetrates into it, nothing extends out from it, pure and only![1]

As can be seen, all of the above are synonymous with and complement the meaning of Ahad.

The One with no void or defect, the impermeable One into which nothing can be inserted and from which nothing comes out, limitless, infinite, indivisible, not composed of parts or fragments, the ONE and ONLY AHAD.

Let us try to understand the Allah to which these words allude. Otherwise we can never stop worshipping the God we have created in our minds and form part of “they did not duly appreciate Allah.” (Quran 6:91)

Additionally, Samad also means, the Absolute Self-Sufficient One beyond the concept of need.

Indeed, if nothing else other than Allah is in existence, how can Allah be in need of anything?

So then, whence came the Ahad Allah revealed by Muhammad (saw)?

How did this profound engendered existence and the numerous beings within originate from the Ahad Allah expounded by Muhammad (saw)?

Again, chapter al-Ikhlas has the answers:


[1] Abdullah Ibn Burayd narrates: “As Samad allazi la jawfa lah” in reference to this. The meaning of this can be found in the 9th volume of Elmali Hamdi Yazir’s construal of the Quran, on pages 6306-6307.

[2] (Quran 112:3)

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