Adorn yourself with the attributes of Allah, abandon your relative self (I-ness) and become adorned with His meanings. Rid your consciousness from your illusory self so that you may attain the true SELF!

If you can truly erase your constructed self, who you have assumed into existence because of certain beliefs and conditionings, with true knowledge, such that you become free of the veil of selfhood (I-ness), the true Self will reveal itself.

Parallel to Muhammad’s (saw) warnings, many acclaimed saints (waliyy) have also said:

“Remove your self to see the Self.”

Actually, the meaning of this expression is the same as that of the hadith “He who knows himself, will know his Rabb (the reality of the Names comprising his essence).”

Let’s remember the system in which we live and how we are connected to it.

Everything we see and know in this material world is subject to the gravitational and magnetic pull of the earth. Since humans came into existence on the Earth, they too are bound by its magnetic field.

“We have created every living thing from water water (H2O)...” (Quran 21:30)

Hence, humans too, are created from water! Now, if human beings come into existence on the Earth and are subject to Earth’s gravitation, then the holographic wave body produced by the brain, commonly known as the spirit, must also be subject to the pull of gravity.

On the other hand, there is a quality in the human brain which, when activated, the person can become unconstrained by the magnetic field of both the Earth and the sun. As such, he can attain a heavenly state of existence in the dimensional depths of the infinite number of stars in space, adopting a form that is appropriate to this new dimension.

If one’s anti-gravity wave producing circuit has been activated in his brain, he will assume an illumined (Nur) body, that is, a radial body, with which he is going to be able to reach salvation much more swiftly.

If, on the other hand, his brain is not able to produce antigravity waves and upload it to his spirit, due to lack of Nur (light of knowledge) he will neither be able to escape the magnetic field of the earth, nor hell, becoming imprisoned inside the sun forever. As, eventually the sun will engulf the five planets in its near orbit, including Mars, then shrink and become a neutron star. Hence, everything inside is going to become trapped. I have covered this topic in detail in The Mystery of Man, for those who may be interested.

As for the creatures (demons) living in hell, i.e. the sun… That is, the creatures that distress, humiliate and torture their captives… Just like there are people living on earth, and there are the jinn, who live on Earth or in space, every planet has its own inhabitants. Thus, the sun is also inhabited by its own unique beam-like tenants, described in the Quran as “the demons of hell”(zabani[1]).

Humans are as the strongest tenants of the Earth. We treat the weaker creatures as we like. In the same light the tenants of the sun will treat humans, the weaker creatures, however they like. This will be like torture for humans.

The spirit, or the holographic wave body, will become deformed, shrunken and burnt when consumed by the sun, due to extreme levels of radiation, but it will not cease to exist!

This is similar to our bodies being hurt and injured in our dreams but continuing to function regardless. As such, our wave bodies in the Solar-hell[2] are going to be demolished, squashed, elongated, stretched, flattened, destroyed, burnt, then restored to their original state. And this will go on indefinitely. This is confirmed by the verse:

“So they may taste the suffering more, every time their skins are burnt (due to their external attachments) we will replace them with new skins (externality).”  (Quran 4:56)

The important point to understand here is that the sun will be Hell in respect of its subatomic structure!

Just like we have a biological, material, supra atomic structure as our body, and simultaneously produce its subatomic twin body in the form of wave energy, the sun also has a subatomic twin dimension comprised of radial energy. It is this dimension that we refer to as hell.

[1] They have been given the name zabani’ in the Quran.

[2] Please refer to The Mysteries of Man for more information.

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