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Planetary Hours

Previously I had talked about how astrological effects will continue to impact our lives after death and how after man “tastes” death he will no longer be able to use his body, yet he will be fully aware of his surrounding, he will see and hear everything and everyone around him but he will not be able to make contact, and then he will be buried alive. While in his grave, he will continue to be subject to astrological effects for some time after which he will move on to the ‘life of the grave’ phase.

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00:49 Let me try to explain the life of the grave like this: when we go to bed we still have a relation to our surrounding, we can still hear sounds and even see the people and things around us should we choose to open our eyes. This resembles the initial stage of the grave life, where the deceased has not yet completely become completely disconnected from the world. Then just like we fall asleep and begin to dream... 

02:04 Depending on these astrological influences the person will either have a disturbing experience, like nightmares, or based on the positive data he’s accrued in the world, he will have a pleasant and peaceful experience. I’ve identified similar influences that affect our daily lives. 

02:29 Ibrahim Haqqi Erzurumi talks about the various cosmic effects to which we are subject at certain hours of the day and how these impact our emotional state, in his Marifatnamah. He divides the hours of the day into seven groups...

03:34 During the hour of Mars, one may undergo a surgical operation, or clip his nails for example… 

05:10 On the other hand, if you begin something new during the hour of Saturn, you’re likely to experience a lot of difficulty and delay.

08:38 So I spoke a little about the planetary hours, but there are also other astrological effects in a person’s life, and when I say a persons life I don’t just mean their life in the world but also their life after death, these can be felt and recognized.  

10:06 There’s a question I’ve been asked about whether or not it’s possible to come back to this world with a new body after death.

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