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How the Brain Works #4

You talked about the brain; it’s the first time I’ve heard a differentiation between ‘the flesh brain and the quantum brain’. Can you tell us a little more about this?
Now look...
As human beings, how do we see and perceive? Light hits an object, and we call the waves that reflect from it ‘light waves’, in reality its not a light wave, it’s a data wave.

This is very important.

All wavelengths in existence are actually wavelengths of data. We give them different names. But no matter how many different names we give them, all wavelengths are essentially ‘data wavelengths’. 

The reflecting wavelengths reach the brain; the brain interprets the wavelength, and gives it a form based on preexisting data. 

That form in our brain is then constructed as an ‘illusion ’, and we see this event in our brain.

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01:38 In other words, all things you think you see outside are things you experience in your brain.

02:20 Each of us lives in our ‘own’ holographic world. How does this work?

03:13 In the past the Sufis called this a ‘dream’, they said, ‘the essence of the worlds is a dream; they said ‘it is a dream within a dream’. So it is this ‘secret’ of Sufism that science has deciphered today.

04:16 I say ‘all brains’ not just the ‘human brain’. We only know that ‘man’ exists, oh and we’ve also read that there are entities referred to as the ‘jinn’.. No!

04:48 Our brain is a ‘structure’ within that ‘Oneness’, in religious terms it is said “Allah does not accept fragmentation” that is, Allah cannot be divided into parts and is not made up of parts.

05:34 What we call human ‘consciousness’ and the metaphoric narration of man’s creation and how he was “taught all of the Names” all reference the reality that the Names of Allah are present in you, in fact they comprise your being.




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