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The Quran And The New Age


We’re entering a new year today… A new period… I’m in astonishment!

According to the Islamic calendar its been 27 years since the start of this century and here we are entering another new year yet still no “Mujaddid” (reviver and reformer of religion) has appeared!? And still the Mahdi hasn’t emerged on his white horse with his sword or rifle!? I mean, other than the alleged Mahdi’s that have been of much interest to psychiatrists of course…

So what’s the deal? Is it that no such person exists? Or, he does, but we just can’t seem to recognize him because he’s outside our predetermined expectation of him?


Apparently, he hasn’t come yet… but we all seem to be rapidly reforming and becoming renewed with new understandings (!?) I mean judging from what I hear…

Apparently women who wear tight clothing are “exhibitionists” and scholars and saints such as Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi, Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi, Mawlana Jalaladdin, and Imam Aziz Nasafi, who claimed astrological effects played an important role in people’s lives (both in this world and the afterlife) are considered to be blasphemous (!)

It amuses me to see that while the Quran talks about life continuing after the process of “tasting” death, and the Rasul of Allah (saw) says people in the grave will be totally conscious and they will hear and see everything going on around them, and all of the Muslims believe in “resurrection after death” (wal basu badal mawt in Amantu) a “theologist” who primitively claims “one who dies becomes soil and will be re-created from soil” can actually be elected dean of the Faculty of Theology (!) It’s unbelievable… and so unfortunate that such so called theologians and alleged religious figures are rampant in the world…

They don’t even know the meaning of the name “al-Baith” as Imam Ghazali explains or what the word “ba’th” actually means!

Oh but we’re renewing and reforming you see… whatever that even means…

I’m sure the Mujaddid’s ears are burning….!

But anyway…

Let us come back to our own topic my friends…

Let us try to gear ourselves with the necessary groundwork to decipher the codes of the magnificent source of knowledge, the Quran, which is embedded with the codes for the New Age …

Let us try to uncover the realities disclosed by Allah’s Rasul, Muhammad Mustapha (saw), the magnificent spirit of eternity…

For the real New Age is going to come when the world recognizes the invaluable knowledge contained in the Quran and decodes them in light of modern science. This is not going to be an easy labor or birth however…

But yes, our topic is the reality of the multiverses and the individual consciousness which perceives this…

The Quran And The New AgeIndividual consciousness is like the print-out of the brain, or a section of it…

The brain itself is the print-out of universal data-information. Therefore, the discernment of certain saints in the past who asserted, “the essence of the world is a dream – everything that is experienced in this world is a dream within a dream” actually reflects an absolute reality.

Flow of meanings come from the world of Jabarut (data – the Names) and become manifest in the realm of matter as the brain, and then go back to their essence, constantly becoming existent and non-existent, just like it was authenticated in the past…

In the previous two chapters I talked about how the perception of matter is the hypothetical result of the five senses and that the actual world is much different to how we perceive it to be. I tried to express my concern regarding our failure to decode and discern the realities revealed to us via the magnificent source of knowledge, the Quran, and the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw), and how this was resulting in a contaminated and corrupt understanding of religion let alone spawning a generation whose views are based entirely on matter and materialistic values.

Kur'ân ve Yeni ÇağI attempted to explain the reasons behind the warning “one who is blind (aamaa) in this world will be blind in the next world”…

The word “world” points both to this planet on which we’re living and also to one’s personal world of experiences. The verse, “The life of your world (the world of conditionings) is nothing but amusement and entertainment”[1] is in reference to the one’s personal world, not to the physical world. Despite interacting with one another, everybody lives in their own world; a world inside the cone projecting from their “point”. Our dreams are a clear example of this.

Though the sun is the hell of the physical world, for one day the Earth is going to evaporate into the sun and become totally extinguished, the hell of the person is their state, both physical and psychological. In other words, besides the hell one can be exposed to due to their body and the beings in his environment, one can also experience a sense of mental or psychological burning, much worse than any sense of burning caused by fire. Like the burning and suffering one feels when he loses a loved one. The Quran symbolically refers to this event as fire that burns the skin over and over again. To think of this is as physical fire in an environment where there is no matter or a material body would be nothing other than a robotic understanding.

But obviously supposed men of religion who have no Hadith knowledge or who lack the mental capacity to understand them can’t be expected to decode this.

To fathom the reality and scope of the hell the Rasul of Allah (saw) was referring to with his words “On the Day of Resurrection, the sun would draw so close to the people that there would be left a distance of only one mile. The people will be submerged in perspiration according to their deeds, some up to their ankles, some up to their knees, some up to the waist and some will bridle at it (and, while saying this, the Messenger of Allah put his hand towards his mouth).” one needs to have a powerful brain with vast intellectual capacity. Memorizing a few verses and denying Hadith that challenges one’s mental capacity is clearly not the way to go.

Likewise, one who can’t see a reality this clear can’t be expected to discern the essence of man and existence, or which aspect of man will experience heaven, and where and how this experience will take place.

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be surprising to see self-claimed ‘sheiks’ who spend their lives narrating Sufi stories, imitatively claiming “All is One, nothing else exists, I am the One, you are the One” to think of themselves as amongst the highly enlightened Supreme Saints.

The truth is… when a depressed consciousness due to the failure to recognize its reality at the level of the Self-Accusing Self (Nafs-i Lawwama) begins to receive inspirations from the level of The Inspired Self (Nafs-i Mulhima) he begins to primitively scream out “I AM – I am the One –I am the Reality!”…

Those who said “I shall rise to the heavens if I choose to and observe the world, or descend to earth when I choose to and let the world observe me” and “there is nothing besides Allah under my cloak” made such claims as a result of the divine inspirations they received while they were experiencing the level of the Inspired Self, a level at which they had not yet even smelt the fragrance of “Sainthood”…

Certain seemingly extraordinary incidents that look like “karamah” (A super-natural occurrence or an extraordinary event that happens through a saint or a devout believer) are not signs of Wilayah. Such signs can be seen on non-Muslims too. Istidraj (a supernatural event through the hands of an unbeliever) and karamah are driven by the same mechanism. Hence the Saints of Allah don’t take karamahs relating to existence too seriously, it is the knowledge-based karamahs that have real value in their sight.

What is a knowledge-based karamah?

Kur'ân ve Yeni ÇağIn many places people have been banned from becoming knowledgeable, from researching, questioning and reading etc… Many end up blindly following people who they think are saints, dedicating their entire lives to their way…

Sainthood begins with the narrow observation at the level of the Peaceful Self (Nafs-i Mutmainna) and ends with Risalah, with the most comprehensive observation at the level of the Pure Self (Nafs-i Safiya).

The witnessing of the truth and the observations by the saint reach their climax with the Rasul. “Risalah” derives its existence from the quality referenced by the meaning of the name “al-Wali”. Even Rasuls have different degrees based on the level of their wilayah.

Nubuwwah is a worldy function, it ends with the life of this world, it has no role in the hereafter. Nabis are also walis and their ranks in the afterlife are based on their level of wilayah.

Wilayah is the expansion and amplification of experiencing the essence of life.

Nubuwwah is the service of notifying the people of the mechanics of the system (the Divine System and Order - Sunnatullah) its function and consequences.

Risalah is the name of the station at the peak of wilayah. The walis are under the veil of Allah’s qubba (dome), they cannot be known from the outside.

Repeating the teachings and discoveries of those in the past is not wilayah; wilayah is a unique state of life.

Having defined these concepts, let’s now move on to a more challenging notion…

I always say the Dimension of the Names refers to the qualities denoted by the names of Allah…

The meanings of these names that we’ve been taught are extremely shallow and narrow scoped. They are conforming to the level of humanoids more so than humans, whereas in reality their meanings and the roles they play in forming existence are much deeper and very comprehensive.

We may memorize and repeat them all we like, as long as we don’t cleanse ourselves from materialistic and dualistic views, having a shallow understanding of the meanings of Allah’s Names will be inevitable.

In the field of science, physicists have moved on to “theoretical physics” to understand physical phenomena as experimental observations can be explained with only basic assumptions and thus can’t even come close to understanding the origin of existence. The concept of “matter” has lost its credibility in the field of physics; it’s not even considered to be the building block of existence anymore.

While under-developed countries are still lingering with a matter-based approach to science and religion, advanced communities have long moved on to theoretical physics and spirituality.

Speaking of spirituality, I must make the point that it isn’t saying anything other than what the Rasul of Allah (saw) said 1400 years ago, and what all the saints who’ve followed his way re-affirmed throughout the centuries…

The Sun of knowledge that rose in Mecca some 1400 years ago is now rising in the West with science, confirming the message of the Quran and the Rasul (saw), and giving the good news of an impending golden era, a new age for man, an age in which the Quran will be scientifically decoded.

Now coming back to the Names and what they point to…

First and foremost we have to accept the fact that being confined by the limitation of our five senses is like being stuck behind a great steel wall of unfathomable height and trying to make sense of what’s on the other side based on what we can see through a cut as thin as that of a razor-blade…!

The visible spectrum, science’s primary source of perception (!) is extremely limited. Our eyes only pick up wavelengths that range from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter. Not even as much as a single drop in the ocean.

What humans can perceive of the universe is merely 4% based on today’s scientific data… The rest of the 96% that we can’t perceive is dark to us. It is calculated that 60% of this is dark energy and 30% of it is dark matter. But of course, this matter isn’t the matter we perceive with our senses… Remember the matter we perceive doesn’t actually exist!

In short, all scientific theories are based on data perceived by the physical eye basically…

Kur'ân ve Yeni ÇağBut what is the actual original form or structure of the brain? Is it flesh? Is it biochemical? Or bioelectrical? Or a part of some universal mass comprised of a composition of atoms? Or what?

The eleven dimensions of string theory are nothing other than the conversions and alterations of unprocessed “data” (information). Everything that results from the movements of strings composes the virtual reality formed by the qualities denoted by the Names of Allah inside this data. This virtual reality then not only forms the structure we call the “brain” and the perception tools of humans but also all the other countless creatures that have the ability to perceive, including those that may not be necessarily visible to us.

The warning, “Invisible beings linger and travel in your body but you cannot perceive them” is perhaps pointing to the fact that for beings of other frequencies the human body is as vast as a football field full of empty space.

Just as the human consciousness is like the print-out of the brain, or like the monitor of a computer, all biological and virtual brains, those of humans and other beings, are like the print-outs of “data” – where the Names observe the worlds they form…

Energy is the name for the perception of divine power in today’s language.

Data – pure information comprise the core essence of all concepts and meanings, but its absolute formless state is the first reflection of divine knowledge. This is the first and single reflection. It has been referred to as the Spirit or the Grand Spirit as it constitutes the source of life. In respect of the divine knowledge it embodies it has been called the First Intellect. Thus it has been said “Allah created the intellect first”.

This is where the Angelic Realm (malakut) comes into the picture… All the meanings, the multiverses, and all the beings within them are formed here by the Angelic Realm… The Universal Consciousness (Aql al-Qull) and the Collective Consciousness (Nafs-i Qull) point to the qualities of this realm. Here, meanings become forms, this realm is established by the condescension of the Names.

Life, knowledge, will, power, speech, hearing, sight are attributes that constitute the “data” (information) that we refer to as the Dimension of the Names. And the “point” is a singular structure that incorporates all of these.

These seven primary attributes result in “takwin” (production, formation, bringing-into-being) which quite literally brings the Names into being, thereby forming existence (kawn), i.e. the corporeal worlds - the multiverses.

The most important factor here is the perceiver. For, it is according to the perceiver that the perceived is formed. The perceiver? The individual!

The individual finds life through perception. This forms his reactions and interactions and thus enables him to fulfill his creational purpose. My understanding of the purpose of reciting iyyaka na’bodoo wa iyyaka nasta’een” (You alone we serve, and from You alone we seek the continual manifestation of your Names)[2] in salat everyday is for us to experience ascension (miraj) to remember and experience this truth.

But you cannot perceive their dhikr” is because an individual cannot perceive or understand the function and servitude of other individuals within the multiverses, from the micro to the macro.

Perception is based on the Names comprising the individual’s core. When we say the dimension of the Names we’re referring to a single structure with countless qualities. These countless qualities create countless individuals and embed them with countless attributes and properties.

The fact that it “manifests Itself in yet another wondrous way at every instance” is because at every instance this oneness constantly takes a new appearance as a single frame picture. Thus the worlds become existent in one instance then non-existent in the next…

Please understand this well: The One denoted by the name Allah, in respect to His absolute essence (dhat), is free and beyond what is yielded by the manifest worlds.

I hope these writings will remove the misunderstanding of a celestial god in space who watches everyone from above and sends books from the skies, and enable the understanding of the reality of what is denoted by the name Allah as explained by the Rasul of Allah (saw). I also hope we can stop reducing the Rasul of Allah (saw) to the level of “our beloved prophet” and recognize the magnificence of the “Reality of Muhammad”.

To move from the assumption of “a god who thinks like man” to the understanding of “becoming moralized with the morals of Allah” we must first fathom what is referenced by the name Allah.

Determining the verses in the Quran that point to certain mysteries and secrets, and contemplating upon them will allow one to have a totally different approach and evaluation… Allah willing, this too will be possible one day.


Ahmed Hulusi

20th January 2007

[1] Quran 6:32

[2] Quran 01:05

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