There is no god outside and beyond you! Allah has brought everything into existence from His own existence, thus every individual can find and feel Allah in their essence!

This understanding of Allah is the primary pivotal point of Islam! The common message of all Rasuls and Nabis is ‘La ilaha illaAllah’. In fact, the narration that ‘La ilaha illaAllah is written on the gates of Paradise’ is in reference to this Truth.

Allah's Nabis and Rasuls have been delegated to inform the people there is no such concept as god, and so all practices done in the name of an external imagined god is useless; there is only Allah! Each of them have offered different recommendations to the people to which they were assigned, depending on their level of understanding and development.

And now for the Truth of life… Let us try to understand the ‘system’ called ‘Islam’ created in Allah’s knowledge and offered to us as ‘religion.’

We, the human species, have emerged on the planet we call earth, within the solar system inside this particular galaxy called the Milky Way. But we have not made a request to exist, nor were we asked whether we wanted to…

I came to life in the Milky Way, but I was not asked if I wanted to come to life in this particular galaxy… Inside the Milky Way, I came to life in this solar system, but I was not asked if this particular solar system was my preference… I came to life on planet earth, but I was not asked anything about this either… This too was outside my choice and will… I was not asked on which continent I wanted to come to life either! I came to life in Turkey, right in the middle of Asia and Europe, a place called Eurasia. But I wasn’t asked where in Turkey I wanted to come to life, nor was I asked of which nationality, gender, religion or community I wanted to be from! I came to life right in the middle of Istanbul, in the Cerrahpasa district! But I wasn’t even asked which family I wanted to be born to, or which set of genes I wanted to have! I found myself born of a mother called ‘Adalet’! I was blessed with the genes of a sublime family, born as a male, all without my choice! Neither my gender nor any of my physical or intellectual properties were my choice. In short, nothing with which I have been bestowed is a result of my choice or will! I just found myself at this point!

In search of a being to whom I can ask, "Why am I like this?" I lift my head and see the sun, which is 150 million km away and 1,333,000 times bigger than earth… My sight cannot reach it… My comprehension cannot grasp its enormity! And then I’m told there are 400 billion other stars just like the sun in our galaxy alone… To whom shall I turn in this infinite vastness; to whom shall I ask “Why” and “How”?... I cannot find anyone! I’m left with myself, and I have no choice but to accept myself the way I am. Then I say to myself, “Let me try to understand this system in which I have been born, to the best of my bodily and intellectual capability.” There is nothing I can do to change the past. The only thing I can do at this point is understand the kind of future awaiting me and hence live my life accordingly – to use my choice at least after this point, to prepare for a future in which I can be peaceful and happy.

When I look at the Truth of life, this is what I see: I exist in a world, of whose actual reality I am unaware… And at a time unknown to me, I’m going to part from this world… But will I become inexistent? Since nothing that ‘exists’ will become ‘inexistent’ and everything that exists undergoes some form of transformation and continues its life in a new dimension and under new conditions of life, I know, based on this logic, that my consciousness too will undergo a transformation and I will continue my life in a new state of existence under new conditions of life.

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