In fact, we are living on the radial platform of the sun right now, for every form on earth sustains its life from the energy of the sun. In other words, Allah’s attribute of life enlivens and nourishes us via the rays of light that reach our earth from the sun.

So, we come to life on the platform of the sun, we live within the platform of the sun, and we die and change dimensions, again, on the platform of the sun.

The word ‘Doomsday’ may denote various dimensions and types of transformations, and until the time of Doomsday in the absolute sense, it continually manifests itself as such. However, because of our five-sense limitation, we are unaware of it. For our evaluation of life is obstructed...

So, what should one who lives for 70 years do in this period, which in actuality is equivalent to only 8 seconds or so?

If we have knowledge and insight, we should be cognizant of the fact there are billions of galaxies like the Milky Way in the universe. And the distance between these galaxies cannot be comprehended or perceived by our concepts of measurement. We express these amounts with mathematical figures, but we have no real understanding of what this distance is, for it is beyond human perception.

Forget the billions of other galaxies and the distances between them, our own galaxy alone comprises 400 billions stars – even this is beyond our comprehension!

Right now there about 5 billion[1] humans on planet earth. If we multiply this by ten, taking into consideration all humans that have ever lived on earth throughout the ages, it would be 50 billion people! Yet it has been scientifically confirmed that the Milky Way galaxy constitutes approximately 400 billion stars. So, if we were to send each person to a star in our galaxy we would only be populating 50 billion of these stars. There are 400 billion stars in the Milky Way!

I’m relating this information to give an idea of the galaxy and the vastness of the space in which we live. Now consider how primitive a notion it is to think there is a god outside our galaxy or in the galaxy, say on the constellation Orion or elsewhere! This is the primitive notion Muhammad (saw) tried to eradicate 1,400 years ago! He tried to accentuate the Truth through the Quran, saying, “La ilaha illaAllah: There is no god or godhood. There is only Allah!”[2] That is, there is no god out there in space – this concept is invalid – and, as such, doing or offering things for this external god is also an invalid concept. There is no such god awaiting such things. There is only Allah! There is only a single universal Consciousness that has manifested the universe and perhaps even other universes of which we are unaware! It is with this Consciousness, through its knowledge and in its knowledge, that the infinite universes, galaxies and beings have come to life and have become perceivable. Thus, every being can find Allah in their own essence, as everything and everyone is a manifestation of the knowledge and reality of Allah!

[1] This was written in 1990.

[2] See Muhammad’s Allah by Ahmed Hulusi for more details.

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