The One, who created all perceivable and unperceivable forms in His Divine Knowledge with His Divine Names and Attributes, has willed that they fulfill their servitude at every instance in yet another magnificent way. Thus the infinite universes within the universes comprising existence manifested, each with a particular system and order, and they will continue to subsist in accordance with their creational purpose as long as the Names and Attributes comprising their existence continues to exist.

So, while human consciousness which has become manifest in this world within the scope of “Sunnatullah”, should try to understand the essence of his own existence on one side, on the other side he should question how he can prepare for a positive and beneficial future life.

The answer to this issue has already been answered by Muhammad (saw), the Rasul and the final Nabi of Allah, in the most perfect way. Because the teachings of Muhammad are based on revelation rather than the concept of an external god it begins with “la ilaha” meaning “there is no God” and continues with “illa ALLAH” meaning “only Allah”. That is, the concept of an external god does not exist at all, only the One referenced as “ALLAH” exists. Therefore spiritual practices within the scope of Sunnatullah are recommended as opposed to deifying and worshiping exterior entities. 

“Sunnatullah” is the second most paramount topic that needs to be understood after the One denoted by the name “ALLAH”.

Ones ability or failure to duly evaluate the system of Sunnatullah is what makes all the difference between living a heavenly life or a hell-like life, not just in this world but also in the next. Those whose creation and natural disposition is befitting take the principles of Sunnatullah into account and hence their lives transform into environments of bliss and happiness religiously termed as “paradise”. On the other hand, those who don’t heed the principles of  “Sunnatullah” inevitably spend their lives in various forms of suffering. 

In other words, the most significant difference between “ISLAM” and all other belief systems is primarily the reality denoted by the name “Allah” and secondly, the realizations and proper application of the principles of “SunnatAllah”.

This is because, through knowing the One referenced by “ALLAH”, one’s individual existence or individual consciousness doesn’t simply dissolve and disappear as sugar does in water.

Even those who attain the stage of “pure nothingness” in Taoism, or those who reach Nirvana, or find Jehovah, or realize and experience the reality denoted by ‘ALLAH’ as the incomprehensible ahadiyyahand the inexplicable spiritual station of annihilation within one’s origin and essence, everyone is still and will always be in a position of living as an individual soul, now and forever, even after the transformation called “death” - regardless of where they go afterwards.

It is for this reason that no matter how much an individual realizes his essential reality and becomes enlightened, he nevertheless has to carry on living his life and fulfilling the necessary practices in line with the principles of the Sunnatullah (the mechanics of the system and order) as outlined by the final Nabi. 

Since the system necessitates that everyone shall live (and isliving) the consequences of their own actions it is imperative that we understand the message of the final Nabi, Muhammad Mustafa (saw).

Now we can answer the question above, “Why the majority of Muslim nations comprise the most undeveloped countries on earth?”

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