Performing these practices to prepare for the life after death is no different to taking health precautions to prevent getting sick or taking medication when we do get sick, whatever the person does is for his own sake.

There’s nobody up there my friends, besides other creations! One can only discover their Rabb within their own depth.

And nobody out there is going to call you to account when you die and change dimensions other than yourself! Hence the verse says, “Sufficient for you is your individual consciousness at this stage to discern the consequences of your actions”[1]

He who does an iota’s worth of good will see it and he who does an iota’s worth of bad will see it; their consequences will be experienced inevitably. Chapter al-Zilzal will be lived again, after tasting death.

Not knowing this or not having heard this is not an excuse! For there is no god to whom you can present an excuse!

So my friends, I tried to present a short construal of some of the metaphors of religious expressions. It’s your life, and your decision to make! Whether you want to follow the recommendations of the Rasul of Allah (saw) or take up another path, it’s totally up to you my friends, and the consequences of your choices will bind you alone. Each to his own. 

My regards to those who claim religion is a dogma and that it can’t be construed in light of modern science (!)

And a happy blessed Ramadan and Eid al-fitr to my friends!


19 October 2006

[1]Quran 17:14

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