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Is Man a Cosmic Robot!?

In the previous chapter I referred to man as a cosmic robot.

The brain, with its innumerous infinite qualities, is programmed by the cosmic rays that permeate from the infinite number of stars in space, and the person conducts his life based on this programming. 

In more religious terms, with Allah’s words, the angels write and record the fate of a person, the lifespan, sustenance, deeds, and whether he will be of the fortunate or the unfortunate ones.  

Ok but is this all? Is it this simple?


This is only one side of the story. There is another side to man: his essence and origin.

Although the human brain is programmed with cosmic rays (Nur - angels), in respect to the vicegerency quality inherent in man, he possesses the capacity to evaluate the entire creation with all of their qualities!

In other words, man exists to mirror the divine names and qualities of the One denoted by the name Allah. 

If the brain reaches the capacity to function at its highest level with the realization that all of the qualities he manifests are the qualities of Allah, and that he does not have a separate existence, that he is literally a divine composition, that’s when the other aspect of man becomes apparent!

That is when Allah becomes the sole operator of this cosmic robot whereby, He becomes the one who sees, hears, talks, holds and walks in the guise of what seems to be a cosmic robot. In fact, the robot dissolves, disappears, and the Eternal One sees nothing in existence other than Itself!

In short, the being that came from non-existence goes back to non-existence and only Allah the Baqi remains, in spite of the “apparent forms.”

Pre-eternity, post-eternity, the past, the future, all of it in the sight of Allah is one and the same thing!

In short, if you are destined to, you will realize and experience your nothingness and that it is Only the One that exists… 

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