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He Who Denies the Rasul Denies Allah

- The Rasul of Allah (saw) who articulates the Quran has expressed and notified us of the Quran and has given us the necessary details and explanations in person.

- God is something outside and beyond you or beyond this world, or it's everywhere, but it's outside you.

- It is Allah who manifest His Knowledge in the guise of the Rasul (saw). Thus, to deny the Rasul (saw) is to deny Allah.

- If on the other hand you conceive a separate existence besides the Names of Allah you are in effect saying "There is me, and there is ALSO Allah" which is a deity-based perception known as duality (shirq).

- All of the noble saints of Sufism, from Hadhrat Ali (ra) the zenith of Sainthood to Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra) the symbol of devotion and righteousness, they base their Islamic understanding on the truth "Aminu Billahi" and thus they evaluate the Quran according to this principle.

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