The Absolute Judge whose judgment (verdict) is irresistibly applied.



The One who provides each of His manifestations their due right in consonance with their creation program. The One who is absolutely free from unjustness or tyranny.



The One who is subtly present in the depths of every manifestation. The One whose favors are plentiful.



The One who is aware of the manifestations of His Names at all times. The One who allows his manifestations to discern the level of their comprehension via their outputs.



The One who refrains from giving sudden (impulsive) reactions to events, but rather evaluates all situations in respect of their purpose of manifestation.



The magnificent glory beyond any manifestation’s capacity of comprehension.



The One who’s Mercy should never be doubted or given up on. The One who enables necessary cleansing and triggers the name Rahim to bestow blessings.



The One who allows the proper use of His bestowals in order that He may increase them. The One who enables the due evaluation of resources such that more can be attained. This name triggers the name al-Karim. If this name is not activated in one’s life, one will be obstructed from a connection with Allah and not able to duly use his resources, turning his attention to other things and hence becoming veiled from the blessings of Allah. This leads to ‘ungratefulness’, which is defined as the inability to adequately evaluate and use blessings. Eventually this results in total deprivation.



The Highest (or the Sublime). The sublime One who observes existence from the point of reality (essence).



The magnitude of the worlds He created with His Names are incomprehensible.



The One who provides all requirements to preserve and maintain existence.



The One who facilitates the expression of the Name al-Hafiz by providing the necessary material and spiritual platform for it.



The One who maintains individuality by holding them to account of their behavioral output through the mechanics of ‘consequence’

In doing so, an indefinite flow of formation is established.



The One who, with His magnificent comprehensiveness and perfection, is the sultan of the world of acts.



The exceedingly generous and bountiful One who bestows His bounties even upon those who deny His existence. The ability to READ (iqra) is only possible through the activation of this Name, which lies dormant within the essence of every individual.



The One who watches over and keeps under control the manifestations of His Names, with His names, at all times.



The One who unequivocally responds to all who turn towards Him (in prayer and invocation) and provides their needs.



The All-embracing. The One who embraces the whole of existence with the expressions of His Names.



The One whose power of knowledge appears under the guise of ‘causes’, hence creating causality and leading to the perception of multiplicity.



The creator of attraction. The creator of unconditional and unrequited love. The essence within every beloved!

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