In line with the holographic reality, the Name ‘Hasib is present within us at the dimension of Rububiyyah. Thus, the act of giving account is not to a God beyond! We give account to the Malikiyyah of the One named Allah in our essence on the ‘yawm ad-Din” the ‘now’ and the forever governed by the decrees of religion – sunnatullah. As opposed to some distant day, centuries away!

This is why, before the Quran is recited the ahlul hal (the ones who experience the reality) say “B-ismi-ALLAH ar-Rahman ar-Rahim” to mean “at every instance, my reality becomes manifest with the Rahman and Rahim qualities of Allah”!

Thus, salat is the experience of this reality!

The Ayat al-Qursi also emphasizes the various levels and qualities of the One whose name is ‘Allah’, present in man’s essence, urging man to remember and evaluate them! In contrast to man’s sleepy nature, it calls to attention the aspect within his essence that never sleeps.

While the verses that begin with “Say” invite us to read them, they actually encourage the READer to experience their meaning.

That is, these verses do not imply that we turn to a heavenly God to seek His help, but rather, that we duly serve the One whose name is ‘Allah’ by deservedly discerning the dimensions within our essence comprising our very existence and reality.

Of course, this is my understanding and does not bind anyone…

Unfortunately, I see that sharing my understanding of Allah, as disclosed by Muhammad (saw), has only led some to ‘update’ their understanding of a glorious God beyond!

Whereas the following verse clearly explicates the invalidity of godhood after believing in the One whose name is Allah:

“Do not turn to (assume the existence of) a god (exterior manifestations of power or your illusory self) besides Allah. For there is no God. Only HU! Everything (in respect of its thingness) is inexistent, only the face of HU (only that which pertains to the Absolute Reality) exists!” (Quran 28: 88)

Some did not annihilate their existence; they merely realized their inexistence in respect of Allah…

And some created a ‘god’ to exalt ‘themselves’ (identities) and become the ‘glorified’ ones of this world and the hereafter!

Indeed, those who accepted the religion of Islam by realizing their ‘inexistence’ and accepting the reality that only the One whose name is Allah exists, have read the treasure map brought by Muhammad (saw) and followed its instructions. They have read the Quran and deciphered the secrets it signifies; they have READ the One whose name is Allah and the worlds He created with His names and the system and order in which they live, and as a result, they found the infinite magnificent treasure within their essence!

While others squandered away their lives with gossip and hearsay…



As Yunus would say: “Another one from the herd passed over…”


6 May 2005

Raleigh – NC, USA

26 / 75

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