As for the ‘shaping’ that happens in hell, it is like a final cleansing of the residues of impurities we carry from our worldly life. Like purifying gold with fire, it doesn’t add any further value to it; only purifies it.

As such, hell is not a place of getting shaped, but rather, it is a place of purification.

Hellfire purifies and solidifies the things we’ve gained in the world, so that we may enter heaven as refined beings.

No matter what the apparent reason may be, everyone experiences an intermediate phase in their lives, during which they suffer an internal burning. This burning, referred to as ‘hellfire’, is a way of cleansing ourselves from inappropriate states that impede our heavenly existence.

Those, who are destined to stay in hell forever, will also eventually reach a state of refinement after intense and extended suffering.

But at the end of all suffering, the fire will be extinguished, the burning will end, and new life will spring from the ashes.

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