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The 16 Groups of The Zodiacal Signs

There are four elemental energies of the signs:

Fire: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Air: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Water: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Earth: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Those who belong to the fire group are likely to be self-important, proud, and dominant. They like to be in control of their environment and always strive to be at the peak.

Those whose element is predominantly air are likely to be ‘airy’ and not very steadfast and persevering. They are open to all ideas but generally jump from one area of interest to another. They are unselfish and empathetic.

The water group is known mostly for their emotional make-up.

The earth group is known to be fixed in their ways and generally materialistic.

However, it is very important to note that everyone has two main signs:


1. Internal (sun) sign 

2. External (rising/ascendant) sign.


Our first impressions of someone are always to do with their rising sign. People’s lives are mostly driven by the qualities of their external sign. Most people have different internal and external signs, hence if you only know of someone’s sun sign you probably won’t see much of these qualities on them as the person’s observable behavior and temperament is under the influence of their rising sign.

This is generally the reason why a lot of people discredit astrology and don’t have much faith in it, as they are unaware of this distinction.

Based on the knowledge that has been bestowed to me I have become assured that around and after the ages 35-40 a person becomes more and more subject to and aligned with the effects of his/her rising sign.

Thus, it is imperative to know one’s external sign based on their hour of birth rather than their internal sun sign based on their date of birth.

Les have a look at the different categories of elements now:

Sun sign                 Rising Sign

Fire                         Fire

Fire                         Air

Fire                         Water

Fire                         Earth

A person whose both internal and external sign is fire is selfish, self-centered. They want things to be in their favor. If the internal sign is fire and the external is air they will rebel against convention and act in favor of their environment. If the external is water while the internal is fire, like if the sun sign is Aries, Leo or Sagittarius but the external sign is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, their life will be restless and problematic as the outer water will suppress the inner fire causing internal distress to the person, at times it will increase and other times settle.

If the rising sign is an earth sign then it is similar to the example above except a little less problematic. They will be very generous ‘mentally’ but in practice they will find it difficult to spend money. Most of the wealthy people have the earth rising signs Taurus or Capricorn. Or they will have strong planets in earth signs, or in their second house.

Internal                 External

Air                          Fire

Air                          Air

Air                          Water

Air                          Earth

Those who have strong air element in their chart will aim to be of benefit to the greater community. They are generally objective and tolerant. But if the rising sign is fire then they can easily become very arrogant and proud.

If the inner sign is Aquarius they will be intellectual but pompous. If the sun sign is Gemini they will be intelligent and proud, if the sun sign is Libra they will be frank and blunt. A general characteristic of those with an internal air sign is that sometimes they feel they don’t really belong to this world.

The 16 Groups of The Zodiacal SignsAn internal air with external water is an interesting combination. A free mind inside but restricted by emotional and addictive behavior on the outside. 

If the free mind has a Cancer rising he will burn himself out for his family and home. If it’s a Scorpio rising then you have someone who seemingly acts freely but not totally free of emotional ties, someone with a strong willpower albeit controlling. If he has a Gemini sun then he will be indecisive. If his ascendant is Pisces then he will become someone who eagerly indulges in pleasures.

Amongst the air signs the most intellectual sign is Aquarius, the most intelligent is Gemini and the most loving one is Libra. 

As for earth rising, if it’s a Taurus then you have someone who loves to eat and enjoy the pleasures of life, enthusiastic about earning money. A Virgo rising is ambitious, active, always looking for ways to make a steady regular income though never as lucky as the Taurus, he will acquire large amounts of money only to lose greater amounts. A Capricorn will be decisive, mature, tolerant and helpful but very attached to his monetary possessions. If the Capricorn rising doesn’t have an Aquarius sun sign the Capricorn qualities will dominate over all other signs. 

Internal                 External

Water                      Fire

Water                      Air

Water                      Water

Water                      Earth

The most prominent characteristic of the water element is its emotional make-up. If this emotional nature combines with a fire ascendant it can lead to extreme behavior. 90% of those whom we call delirious have an internal water sign and external fire sign. Those who feel the most remorse are usually from this group. They frequently end up doing things they later regret because of their inability to control their emotions. They are exuberant people yet very compassionate and kind.

If the inner water is combined with an external air sign then you generally have a philanthropist as the air makes one generous and the water compassionate. If earth is the rising sign then this person will still be emotional but self-seeking and modest in general. If, however they feel threatened in any way then suddenly a lion will come roaring out of them. They are not very flexible and can find it difficult to adapt to change.

Internal                 External

Earth                       Fire

Earth                       Air

Earth                       Water

Earth                       Earth

An external fire element combined with an internal earth usually makes a boisterous person but not as out of control as the water group. Also, whereas the water person is driven by his emotions the earth person is driven by his benefit and gain. 

An external air makes one materialist in the head but not so much in action. You will think they are generous people but in their minds, they are highly materialistic.

If the exterior element is water then they will be merciful but their charity/help will usually be of small amounts.       

An earth exterior combined with an earth interior is usually a very modest person but acquisitive to the point of being stingy and almost always quite wealthy.

I’m aware that this information is extremely general and limited but given that this book is not a book of astrology it should be understandable that I cannot go into further detail.

Now four external elements combined with four internal elements yields 16 different groups of people. Upon further categorization we end up with 144 primary groups, and every person belongs to one of these groups.

For example, sun sign Aries with a rising sign Leo is fire on fire, or sun in Aquarius combined with Sagittarius rising is fire on air, or a Cancer sun sign with a Capricorn ascendant is earth on water etc…

As I said earlier everyone has two primary signs. 

The sun (internal) sign shows their capability and aptitude.

The ascendant or rising sign (external) shows their skills and talents.

The brain is the person’s “Lawh-i Mahfuz” (Preserved Tablet)!

The effects the essence of the brain receives on the 120th day after conception is the person’s “al-A’yan al-Thabitah” (the immutable archetypal realities).

The worldly life and all humans are, by divine determination and precaution, under the governance of the zodiacal signs and the angels that transit their force (rays). Additionally, the intermediary realm (barzakh), that is all those who have left their physical bodies but continue to live until doomsday, and all of the heavens and hell are also subject to these effects.

Ibn Arabi’s insights (kashf) are very accurate in this area.

This being the case, some people will be drawn to each other and some will repel each other. 

If two people have the same internal and external elements they will have sympathy for one another. If their internal elements are the same but their external elements are different, where one is fire and the other is air or one is earth and the other is water then they will be attracted to each other. 

If the internal element of one is fire and the other is earth they will not easily get along, especially if their external elements are fire against water then they will definitely repel each other.

If their internal elements are compatible but their external elements are incompatible then it’s a difficult relationship. For example, internal air-water against external fire-water combination. Or, internal air–fire against external fire-earth or fire-water…

There is also the crosswise combination, for example you “think” you are fond of someone by looking at their appearance and external qualities but in effect your mindsets are very different. Why? Because your inner and outer realities are in conflict. Let’s say your inner make-up is air and outer element is water, your partner’s outer element is fire and internal element is earth. Your airy mind set is going to be drawn to their fiery appearance but when it comes to sitting down and actually communicating your values, you’re going to conflict with each other; you’re always going to have different perspectives.

So, then the success of all relationships, whether friendship, business or romantic, depends heavily on the compatibility of these signs and elements, and hence the attraction or repulsion of their brain frequencies. Those who have no attracting elements in their inner or outer make-up can’t form a relationship.

The mystery behind “whomever you’re with in this world you will long to be with in the life after death” is partly based on this truth. 

The relationships between people, the sympathy or the antipathy that they feel are all driven by these energies. If you are drawn to someone and you like them, your signs and elements are compatible in some way, and it’s generally an attraction between the external signs and elements.

One’s make-up and relationships depend on how their brain has been programmed by these cosmic energies. 

What about our emotions and reactions?

The sign the moon is in at the time of our birth represents our emotional sensitivity. The area in which we are most emotional is represented by the ‘house’ the moon is placed in our natal charts, at the exact time of our birth.

Again, I want to underline the importance of the ascendant sign. All astrological events transpire according to the effects you receive from your ascendant. If you don’t know your rising sign, that is if you don’t know your exact time of birth and hence don’t have access to your natal chart you cannot conceive how you will be affected by certain events and situations.

Is there no way of understanding?

You can always pick up an astrology book and read up on the physical properties of all the rising signs to see which of them describe you best but of course this can’t be an accurate guess. Sometimes a “stellium” occurs in a particular house, that is more than three planets are gathered in the same house creating a super strong force in that particular area, which can also affect your physical properties and be confused as the rising sign.

Here’s a little summary of the different physical properties of the signs.



Long fingers but not thin, tips of the nails are square like. They have a strong build, usually of medium height to tall, a wide forehead that’s protruding. Plump but not chubby.


Leos can easily be recognized by their hair, hands and build. No matter how beautiful or handsome they may be, their hands always resemble a paw. The joints on their fingers are emphasized and bony, they have strong hands. As opposed to the fleshy chubby and soft hands of the water group, Leo hands are firm, stiff and bony. They have wide shoulders, effeminate, abundant and mane like hair. They have a strong and attractive appearance.


They have a wide forehead, oval face but not so bony. A straight nose. Not very fleshy lips, they are usually sarcastic and tactless with their speech. Generally thin and tall until 35 but after the age of 35 they tend to gain a little weight around the waist area and have a slight belly. They are usually first to attract attention in a crowd.



Generally thin and skinny, of medium to tall height. Their hands are long and bony. Females have pointy, males have thin fingers. Their nails are long and sharp. Females usually have a pretty face, males have a bony, large nose. They generally have stomach problems. Their nervous system is sensitive. They are generous, very energetic and change their minds very often. 


All Librans whether male or female almost always have a beautiful face. Their hands are not bony but not chubby either, their heights are medium to tall. They have a proportionate body. They usually have a beauty spot on their face. They are talkative, sympathetic, warm and dynamic.


They have a thickset, medium height, not pretty but cute, warm, they love anything to do with electronics and are generally big headed. Their hands are slightly fleshy, long and thin, with long sharp nails. 



Cancer ascendants can be easily recognized whether female or male. They are of short to medium height. Fleshy body, round head, their nose is bony at the top protruding towards the tip. They have a small chin. Females have distinct breasts, generally large. Their hands are chubby, short fingers, fleshy and sharp pointed nails. They tend to have major mood swings and can suddenly feel down and pessimistic.


Scorpio ascendants are also easy to recognize. Medium to tall height. Distinct bony chin that is v-shaped. Short legs. Generally, a charming face. Their skin is usually pinkish white. If females haven’t received other effects their breasts and buttocks are distinct. They are usually highly energetic and like to dominate their environment. They have an administrative and cynical style.


Pisceans are stout, large and round or slightly oval faced, they have a large nose, large ears but not as flat as with the Scorpios. Round fleshy chin and jowl.


These descriptions can be used as a very general guideline for those who don’t know their rising sign but definitely nowhere near an accurate measure, for there are such countless formations created by the One that we can only try and surmise and study them in very general groups.

Now let’s have a look at how astrology affects humans…

The first way of receiving effects: The position of the planets in the solar system at the time of your birth and the outer planets make 30-60-90-120-150-180 degree aspects to each other which stimulates the topics represented by the houses they are located in.

The second way: If transiting planets make any of the above listed aspects to any of the planets in your personal chart then the effects become stronger. For example, transiting Sun or Saturn or Uranus making a 90 or a 120-degree aspect to your natal Venus or Mars.

The third type: The third type is through the Moon. The Moon very closely resembles our emotions. When it passes through our ascendant or the other signs that are of the same element of our ascendant it can make us very sensitive and reactive. If we can’t keep our feelings and emotions under control at such times with our intellect we will most probably do or say things that we will later regret.


Let us remember the hadith narrated by Anas (r.a.):

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said, 

“When Allah wills to fulfill the fate of his servant he takes his mind away and the person commits a sin in this state and then Allah gives his mind back (brings him to his senses) and the person feels deep regret saying, ‘how did I engage in such an act?’” (Dailami)

So how is fate fulfilled?

A perfectly sane person can do strange things when under the effects of certain transits. For example, Mars is transiting over his natal sun and the moon is conjunct with one of he planets in his 1st house (rising sign) and suddenly he becomes super sensitive and reactive to the other person and ends up in a massive argument which leads him to stab the other guy with a knife. When he’s back to his senses he claims he wasn’t himself and can’t understand or explain why he did what he did.

Such things we often hear on the news are examples of how fate plays out, which is confirmed by the hadith above. So then can we blame anyone? This I shall answer in the chapter about having faith in fate.

For now, let’s just see how it plays out…

How does Allah fulfill fate at every instance?

Our brains are under constant bombardment of cosmic rays coming from the constellations. These rays (the continuously changing aspects, degrees, transits) stimulate specific circuitries that were originally activated by the planets at the time of birth.

For example, Mars in your natal chart may be aspected by Jupiter for some time, and then it may be aspected by Saturn, and then the Sun. These aspects may have supportive or difficult effects, depending on their degrees.  Or your natal Moon is constantly under the effects of all the transiting planets that trigger the relevant circuitry according to your personal chart.

Hence, we are constantly going from one state to another.

Some people have very difficult natal charts with hard aspects and they have a very sensitive makeup, they may become extremely emotional and reactive by the slightest external trigger.

And some are extremely thick-skinned and fixed in their ways; they are hardly affected by external circumstances by which others may fall apart. Some others are extraverted, confident, social, and assertive while others are introverted and passive, always waiting for others to take initiative.

Some experience rich and expansive internal states, which they can’t express outwardly. While others are very expressive, talkative, energetic and magnetic outwardly but internally they may be very shallow and may easily find themselves in remorseful situations.

In short, all human characteristics are defined and determined by their natal charts, the programming their brains received by the cosmic rays at the time of their birth.

Their lives are driven in the direction of this initial programming. However, this is not an absolutely fixed unalterable program, for with dhikr new circuitry can be activated in the brain leading to new skills and changes in behavior.

These changes are related more to the person’s “aptitude” and affect the programming based on their date of birth, not their time of birth, as the latter is harder to alter and takes much longer.

As I mentioned before the effects received on the 120th day program the person’s al-A’yan al-Thabitah (the immutable archetypal realities) and are thus unalterable! The fortunate one is defined as the fortunate and the unfortunate one is defined as the unfortunate in their mothers’ womb!

That is, there is only one chance at activating the brains ability to produce the anti-gravitational force. It is either activated on the 120th after conception or can never be activated again.

Indeed, Allah does as Allah wills! And none can question or judge Allah’s will and activity!

To reiterate, the brain can turn on new circuitry, rewire itself via certain “dhikr” practices and thus alter the person’s worldly life and life after death in new and different ways.

Now you may ask about whether dhikr is the same as the mantras that are used in Buddhism during meditation, which usually lead to a state of trance. 

To answer this, we must look at the topic from a wider perspective.

Is Islam, dhikr is done with the names of Allah. These names are references to certain comic meanings and since the brain is formed and organized according to these cosmic energies, by repeating these names you tune your brain to the frequency of the universe and hence connect and make contact to the universal meanings. You start interacting with angels.

Other mantras on the other hand randomly create sensitivities in the brain making the brain more receptive, which open entry pathways to the jinn – the smokeless magnetic beam bodied creatures. Even in the best-case scenario where negative energies aren’t involved you are still missing out on a great deal of transformation.

In short, while the repetition of the names of Allah bring you closer to Allah and adorn you with His infinite qualities and attributes, repetition of other words and names cause an increase in the sensitivity of the brain’s receptor sites allowing contact with the jinn. This in turn means you become a victim to their trickery and subject to their ruling over you.

So, if you connect with beings who are in a constant state of dhikr and who thus constantly manifest the meanings referenced by these names, then these energies are naturally going to reflect on you and manifest in your world too. These beings are the conscious stars.

All creatures in the universe are manifestations of the innumerous qualities and attributes of the Creator. In other words, all of the constellations, the stars, the galaxies, are densified materialized forms of the infinite qualities of the Absolute Being and the infinite cosmic rays they permeate are no other than the divine meanings that comprise their very existence.

It is such primitiveness and narrow-mindedness to look at man and claim he is nothing other than an animal made of flesh and bones, that there is no spirit, no eternal life-after, and that he simply deteriorates with death and becomes recycled.

It is such archaic narrow vision to look at the sky and claim the galaxies, the constellations, the planets within our solar system are just unconscious inanimate structures that randomly come to life and die, that don’t serve a particular purpose and don’t receive or give any effects…

The seven heavens (all creation pertaining to the seven states of consciousness), the earth (the body) and everything within them exalts Him (tasbih; fulfill their functions by constantly manifesting in different ways to express His Names)! There is nothing that does not exalt (tasbih) Him with hamd (evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills)! But you do not perceive their functions! Indeed, He is the Halim, the Ghafur.[1]

It is evident by this verse that the stars and planets are conscious living entities with specific functions.

The enlightened ones in the past referred to the same truth as ‘angels’ that abide on the stars - in fact they are the same thing. Some tried to describe it as the spirit of the stars, which is again the same thing.

The verse says:

And much more signs! And He leads to the reality by the (Names comprising the essence of the) stars (the people of the reality, the Hadith: ‘My Companions are like the stars; whoever among them you follow, you will reach the truth’) ...![2]

This is such an open and clear indication ‘for those who think’. Yet because man is so eager to deify and worship, or to give power to external entities, this truth has been disguised and hidden. The verse “…leads to the reality by the stars” clearly points to this truth but those who are conditioned to take only its literal meaning will attempt to deny this.

The fact that cosmic rays permeated by the stars reach the brain and activate certain circuitry, which then enable what is commonly referred to as “enlightenment” should not be regarded as strange at all!

Just like when you say, “It is Allah who feeds me” you don’t mean to deny that when you eat, the nutrition is absorbed into your body via certain biological processes and thus converted into energy. It is the same thing.

The 16 Groups of The Zodiacal SignsThe most important thing to understand here is the effects that reach the brain from the stars are just like the effects that the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe have on the body. Just as we don’t deify food for nourishing us and would regard this to be primitiveness, deifying the stars is also, if not more, an extremely primitive and unevolved way of looking at this.


Allah is the Absolute Ruler and Administrator!

He brings everything into existence through a cause.

If we use our intellect and try to conceive the magnificent mechanism by which the universe operates, in a holistic way, we will be fulfilling our servitude to Allah much more comprehensively. And if we don’t have the magnitude for this, then indeed nobody is responsible for which they do not have the capacity.

And He subjects for you the night, the day, the Sun (source of energy) and the Moon (which stimulates your hormones and senses with its gravitational force) ... And the stars are subjected by and in service to His command (the stars are also a manifestation of the meanings of the Names comprising their essence) ... Indeed, there is a sign in this for a people who can use their intellect![3]

Allah willed to create man as the vicegerent of earth. He willed to display his own qualities on him. And thus, He created the magnificent cosmic factory we call the universe. Then with His Power He created man and made him a mirror to Himself that man may display and reflect the countless qualities of Allah.

Allah created his creation in darkness then spread his light (Nur) upon them. Whoever is touched by this light is guided, and who ever is missed by it will remain in darkness (astray). [Tirmidhi]

And He leads to the reality by the (Names comprising the essence of the) stars (the people of the reality, the Hadith: ‘My Companions are like the stars; whoever among them you follow, you will reach the truth’) ...!

If we search with this understanding there are many more verses that we can find in the Quran pointing to the reality of astrology.

Indeed, “He leads to the reality by the stars”. Who does He lead? Everyone who seeks the truth!

There is no limiting rule or precept in this verse. Yet sadly, many take it extremely literal and even reduce its meaning to ‘those who lose their way in the desert can find their way by looking at the stars’ (!)

Yes, Allah is al-Hadi (The guide to the truth, the One who allows individuals to live according to their reality.)

He guides whom He wills and leads astray whom He wills. He makes His Light touch whom He wills and makes easier their enlightenment, and makes His Light miss whom He wills and leaves them in the darkness of ignorance.

The verse, “And the stars are subjected by and in service to His command” is also a clear indication that the stars exist with His command for a purpose and that they are not inanimate, pointless structures for the purpose of adorning the sky.

But one must be an intellectual to evaluate such things, to comprehend the topic comprehensively and discern the magnificence of the system to perhaps get a little closer to understanding the grandeur and greatness of Allah.

How can the intellectual get closer and share knowledge with one another?

How can all humans become closer to each other?

What attracts or repels the spirits?

Underlying all sympathy and antipathy people feel for one another is the phenomenon of the stars and their compatibility. This is why we often hear phrases like ‘our stars are in tune” or “our signs aren’t compatible” in reference to the compatibility or incompatibility of the zodiacal star signs.

Abu Huraira (ra) narrates this mystery with the following Muslim hadith:

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said; 

“The spirits are like groups (categories) gathered together (in the hereafter). Those who know each other are fond of each other and get along. Those who don’t know each other are in conflict with one another and do not get along.”

So, let us now explore what this “spirit” means…

Ahmed Hulusi

[1] Quran 17:44

[2] Quran 16:16

[3] Quran 16:12

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